January 29, 2008

It Comes Down to This

Recently, I was asked by an old friend (hi Bronco Billy!) to write for a Blog he was setting up with some other old friends. Music, politics, travel, fiction of our own; those would be the topics plus favorite's and recommendations. I opened up the (at that point empty) link I was sent and couldn't figure out how to join in. Turns out, all I had to do was bookmark the page. Guess, there isn't much else you can do. But I couldn't figure it out. 

Expressing this failure to the friend, I received  the response to book mark it. I thought there should be something more and, being extremely busy and not really thinking I would have time to blog anyway, I took it as a sign. 

That blog is now up and running and full of muted testosterone. Very interesting, very those guys. I thought, as I perused the entries, I don't really fit in here right now. I haven't been able to travel for some time and don't get the chance to listen to a lot of new music. Haven't written any fiction for a long time either. Don't even really feel any particular way about politics - that doesn't make me want to stop my head from exploding - and what more could I say that I haven't already expressed at great length over the past 7 years? These things are not inspiring me to write at this time in my life. 

So, I decided to start my  own blog. Even though I still don't really have the time.  

I just moved a store I was managing and now run as a partner. My former boss and new business half is the non-working half so I'm doing absolutely everything in the new location. I even had to manage the move on my own. It's effectively my store. Though, to call it a store is not really accurate. It's a boutique and fine art gallery. 

We (that is to say I since there are no employees and my business partner doesn't actually do any work) sell jewelry - that I sometimes have others make but mostly make my myself - and textiles - that one of our regular artists makes - and have a rotating exhibit of artists showing works in many mediums. 

I write a monthly newsletter, do all the marketing and PR, book and organize the art shows, buy, sell, make, book keep, organize, re-organize, advertise; take the photographs for advertising, newsletters, and the website; I even do most of the physical labor involved in any remodeling and setting up for exhibits. Heck. I did most of the physical labor involved in setting up the new location; including hand sanding and finishing the floors! 

All I really want to do is make creatively beautiful things and write. And listen to good music and see a few good shows and dance. I haven't gotten to dance in a very long time. 

Recently, as if I didn't have enough to do, I started an Etsy store to sell the jewelry my business partner thinks is too out there for his original concept. Well, the idea behind pearldaddy (the name of the boutique and gallery aforementioned) was, and still is, freshwater pearl jewelry. I have a brain (and boxes) full of designs that do not incorporate pearls. So I set up the Etsy store and spent all my time on my days off taking pictures and editing pictures and uploading pictures and descriptions. 

Apparently, I'm at a point in my life where I feel the need to over extend myself a little. You should see how much laundry I have to do and the state of my work desk at home! 

Oh, and - once again, just to add to the number of deadlines and stresses - I also decided to start writing for actual publication again. Yes, that is to say I am a published author. Though, it was just music reviews and interviews for the Daily Alibi in ABQ; about 10 years ago now. Technically, I suppose the press releases I get printed now might count as being published, but I don't really think so. So, I just sent off a true life tale of late nights and sobriety tests to The Sun. No, not the paper. The literary magazine out of NC with no advertisers. Great publication. Highly recommended! 

Right now, I'm supposed to be finishing a necklace I started and working on something for a friend for her birthday party this weekend and for my sister, who's 40th party I'm going to have to miss because I can't afford the $500 to fly out West. Last minute notification of a party that I was told last month wasn't going to happen. If I can get a good last minute deal next week I still might go, but it's not looking good. So, I have to figure out what to make her that she'll actually wear (she registered for housewarming presents and returns things she's asked for if it isn't EXACTLY the one she asked for). I've never seen her wear any jewelry I've given or made for her. I'm going to try again.

I think I'm hungry and all blogged out now. So, I will endeavor to do this again next week. 

I've decided on dedicating at least an hour on Tuesdays to this blog until such time as more time can be assimilated, created, found, mustered. Sleep is inevitable - eventually. As this is my first one, I still have to figure out how to finish this post and upload images and set up my profile - which I thought would come before the blog box, but whatdoIknow?

So; friends, family and strangers alike; until next week I bid adieu.