December 8, 2008

Indiemade Craft Market Report

Well done Ann and Terri! 

No one could believe it was the first ever... not the vendors, not the attendees. It was crowded and really well organized and great vendors were selected to be there. Of course, being only the third of my year's experiences for shows, I don't have quite as much experience as a vendor. But, all the more experienced that I spoke to concurred with me on that point. There were even a lot of great customers there I would love to see again! It was a great show, and everyone said so to the organizers as they were packing up and heading home too - I heard quite a few of them. 

Another one is planned for June and of course a repeat of the December show as well next year. I've already expressed interest in being at both. I'll let you know. 

Yes, a good show also means I sold a bit of jewelry - and gave out even more cards. The music was pretty good too, but the first of two was an acoustic lilith fair style cover band - yes, two chicks and their guitars - that eventually drove a few of us batty. Really, that was the only disappointment of the day though. 

Phil even helped out a lot. I'm really glad he was with me. 

And now for the pics:

Phil was sitting right infront of that vintage santa poster and, of course, now has a close up of the poster on his phone. Some of his friends to now as well;} 

Thanks to everyone who was there. It was great to meet everyone and I hope I get the chance to run into you all again in the Summer, if not before! 

December 2, 2008

Getting Ready for Indiemade

Well, I'm powering through new designs and getting even more ideas right and left - most of which will have to wait until later, but that's how it often is. 

I just posted a whole slew of jewelry shots - all stuff I've made in the last couple weeks in preparation for the Indienade Craft Market on Sunday - on the Flickr... there's a slide show thing in the middle right of this page (next to the pic of the Citrine earring) if you want to click on it and check them out. Plus, here's a couple for you now: 

This is a brooch I made a couple of days ago with an AzuriteMalachite cabachon all hand wrapped in Sterling Silver. The pin base is steel for a stronger base though. I wrapped the Silver around it. Mostly this is Silver, and stone... and of course, as always, it's the only one. 

There are two of these, being earrings and all, but I only took a picture of one. It was really hard to get the color right. This is a 1940's Vintage Czechoslovakian Crackle Glass bead (that's the main theme for this show) with Citrine. The light on this eventually came out really nice and the Citrine just glowed. They're on 14K Gold Fill wire and hooks and the other earring swirls in the other direction. Don't snort... not all of them are mirrored like that...

Ok. I have to start scrounging for food to make dinner with and get back to the making. 

If you're in the Allentown, PA area on Sunday - grab your wallet and come on in! If you get there early enough, you'll get a swag bag - which will have one of my rings in it; and first dibs on all the new stuff. Bring lots of cash though. Not sure if I'll be able to connect to wifi and get the credit card thing goin. Not sure if anyone will. There's a lot of talent scheduled for this and unlike most of craft shows, there's a bar AND food to go with the live music and crafty sellers. 

Wish me luck and maybe I'll see someone I know... anybody? Hint, hint;}