April 30, 2010

Wanna See the New Jewelry?

Ok. Tomorrow I'm heading to the Trexlertown Grange bright and early to set up at From Scratch. If you're in the area, I expect to see you. If you're not, here's a bunch of the new stuff I just made that I'll probably be selling out of tomorrow.

Well, I'll be selling a few of them for sure. Mother's Day is right around the corner don'tcha know... exactly 8 days actually...

Cameo Ring...

Cameo Pendants...

Cameo Pendant Earring Set w/Gold Fill Leverbacks...

Cameo Pendant Set w/Sterling Silver Leverbacks...

Non Tarnish Silver Enameled Copper Cabachon Pendants...

Non Tarnish Gold Enameled Copper Cabachon Pendants...

Non Tarnish Enameled Copper Cabachon Pendants...

And that's the slide show.

Ok. Actually, there are a couple of other cameo rings too... and some new faceted gemstone rings (Lab Ruby and Peridot)... and some wire word necklaces... and new Miniature Watercolor Painting necklaces... um... Oh ya... and some tiny picture frame necklaces to put the pictures of your children in with little gemstone accents. So, there's a lot of new jewelry you can try on at tomorrow's show.

See you tomorrow?

April 21, 2010

Earth Day!? Yep. Help Me Donate...

Hey Everybody!

Earth Day: A new (recycled) Hallmark Holiday? Or a way to make sure you make a difference every year?

Well, I'm still on the fence about that one.

That said, I'm going to add an extra 5% from all purchases made in my Etsy store on Thursday (April 22nd) to my Natural Resources Defense Council donation pool. Yep. So, instead of 10% of the price you pay for my jewelry being donated, everything bought on Thursday (Earth Day) will have 15% of the price donated! With Free Shipping still included! Sent to you in recycled content boxes to keep your jewelry safe (as always) AND packaging that I am reusing to send it to you. If you choose to buy something I made with Vintage beads and parts, then you got yourself an all around great Earth Day gift.

Mother's Day is coming up too so, why not make your gift to Mom a donation as well?

No reason I can see.

Did I mention that all Custom Orders made on the 22nd will also get 15% donated? Well, they will. Plus, if you saw something at a show, and don't see it in my store, and you ask me about it and I still have it, AND you get it on the 22nd; I will donate 15% of that purchase to NRDC too!

Viva la Earth Day!

April 12, 2010

Boo Hoo Updates... That's a Show Cancellation FYI

Well, I just heard that the Augusta Craft Show - Crafts from the Heart - scheduled for April 24th, has been cancelled. So... Looks like I won't be going back down to GA this month. I am, however, planning to head back East and South this Fall, so look for me down there at the beginning of November...

In the meantime, looks like that's it for April shows. Unless I can get a last minute booking this coming weekend or next one... Let you know if I can and do.

However, that opens up a lot of spots for the North East Coast people who want to get their pre-Mother's Day Jewelry Party dates scheduled...

So... Get in touch and lets get you some free, custom made, jewelry for Mom's Day - and a bunch of free and discounted jewelry presents for Moms too!

April 8, 2010

Weekend Crafts and a Stylish Wedding Mention...

Hey everybody!

Hope everyone in the Philly area is planning to come out to the junction of 50th and Baltimore to enjoy the amazingly warm weather and get some fabulous handmade goods this Saturday! That would be the 2nd Saturday... the Satellite 2nd Saturday Craft Fair to be exact. Make sure you say hi when you come by... ;]

Oh, and I wanted to let you know that I just got recommended - for a possible alternative to traditional wedding jewelry too! Ya, like a publication article mention thingy. Woo hoo!


Just a quicky today... far too hot in my apartment for computers to be on and making more heat - did you know we're having a Summer Heat Wave in NY? It's more than 80F outside right now! Inside, might be a little cooler, but not much. And, incase you hadn't noticed, it's only early April! Phew! I need some ice!

Oh, and go get your sneak on early today... the Sneak Attack starts at 5pm instead of 7pm so... ice up your wallets and make someone's day!

April 6, 2010

Rocks and Spring and Moving, Oh My!

Ok. I know I should have done this over a week ago, but there were issues with Blogger and I got to doing other things and then I had to go for a walk and then I just didn't feel like it. Whatya want?

So, here's a picture from Hiddenite:

These are the rocks I found:

And this is... I don't know what this is:

Oh ya... that was my booth at Calico.

Starting to get a little stressed out about the impending move... so much to do and pack AND make jewelry and go to shows before and just after... stretching and meditation can only do so much... which reminds me: I have to go stretch!