May 28, 2009

Saturdays in Beacon... And Then...

Well, it looks like you'll be able to find me in Beacon for the next 5 Saturdays... then skip the 4th of July... and I'll be there on July 11th too.

THEN, I'll be skipping the state to head West.

Stopping in Arkansas for my exceptionally talented friend Bethany's wedding, maybe scooping up some diamonds the day afterward...

Then jetting over to Albuquerque to drop in on a friend or two before scooting on up to Utah to vend at a couple of Sundays at the Park Silly Market, set up at a few Jewelry Parties, and gear up for a couple selling days at a retreat.

If I can swing it before he flies off to Scotland, I might even bolt up to Montana to visit Bill, and take a side trip for some Garnets before going back down to Utah.

If it wasn't for the crazy heat of mid-Summer in the desert, I'd take a serious side trip to dig up some Opals too... leave that for an earlier - or later - time of the year I think.

Then, when I get back up here, probably be at the Hudson River Market on Saturdays through the last one in September or so.

Still waiting to hear back, but I might be in Georgia again mid-September... I'll let you know when I know.

And I might do a thing in Albany in October. Again, let you know...

Then, for almost for sure, I'll be at this year's Indiemade Craft Market in Allentown. Had such a great time last year, I wouldn't miss this year's!

So, if you're going to be near any of those markets or shows, please stop over and say: HI! Otherwise, if you want to have me stop at your place on the way anywhere in between shows for your very own Trunk Show/Jewelry Party, let me know. {You know that I'd rather attend your parties most of the year, anyway;}

And that's pretty much the rest of my year so far.


To recap:

You can catch me every Saturday until July and then again on July 11th on Main Street in Beacon at the Hudson River Market.

I'll be at Park Silly in Park City, Utah the last Sunday in July and the 2nd Sunday in August.

Back to the Hudson River Market.

Might be at Shakerag in September.

Possibly in Albany in October.

Probably at Indiemade the first Saturday of December.

Hopefully, at a whole lot of people's parties in between all those, and preferably for most of October and November. If you want to be one of those peoples, you might want to start planning now. Time is starting to fly already;}

Oh yah, I just finished a bunch of necklaces for Raindance too. I'll be delivering them this Saturday if you want to head over and get yours before they're gone, here's a preview:

From Creative Living 101 (aka It's Art, Damnit!)

Some great Candisa beads from the early 50's (you really can't see how gorgeous they are until you see them in person), and some other gorgeous old Venetian beads on these as well. Plus some precious gemstones and higher end semiprecious (Emerald on one, Larimar, Turquoise, Lapis, & Sugilite on others). 7 new necklaces for this round - all with 40's or 50's Venetian beads - and I'll probably whip up some new necklaces and earrings to deliver to Raindance before I head off to Utah as well. [Remember; I'm only doing this necklace style for Raindance, so if you like what you see, you have to get yours there. It's an exclusive, dontcha know...]

Ok. So that's the news and up and comings. [Can you tell I plan to be a little too busy to type up more than one or two of these before I head out in July?]

Hope to run into a bunch of you in the coming months, one way or the other, and all the best to everyone til then!

May 14, 2009

All The Cool People Were in the Garden at Hatch Market

Well, I'm finally back from Georgia and I had a great time. 

As with most first time events, there were glitches, but I'm sure they'll get it all sorted out by next year - I'm totally up for a next year it was so much fun! 

I actually got bumped to a different location than I was told due to the glitches, but that was a much better spot so I totally lucked out that way. 

The Garden, where I got bumped to, was cooler in temperature AND in vendor population! We all got along famously and, even though we didn't have as much foot traffic, we all made our money back and then some. We even did a little bartering at the end of the event too. 

There were pergolas and a fountain and we weren't out in 80 degree weather on asphalt! We made new friends and had a good laugh. We all sold enough to make it worth being there. PLUS, I got to catch up with my simply wonderful family friend whom I hadn't seen in twenty years! She's actually the reason I went to Griffin for the show, since she lives close to Griffin. And, to show you how amazing she is, Carol asked ME if she could be my assistant at the Market! What more could you ask for?

Pictures you say? 


This is my table:

This is our neighbor, Jessie, with her father in law and my good friend Carol. We traded a necklace for some hand painted martini glasses. She has cool customized note cards too:

This is Erin and crew (this is from the Mother's Day day so part of the crew was her mom;). Her soaps smelled sooo wonderful, I traded her a pair of earrings for some:

Joy and Tiffin shared a pergola just behind us and to the left. That's Tiffin on the right and um, a Scoop lady I didn't get her name on the left in the green Hatch Market Scoop Magazine shirt and apron. Tiffin had cool hand painted lamps:

This is Amy. She's the manager of The Clothesline in Griffin and coveted much but couldn't trade me for her bosses goods. She is hooking me up with a friend of hers who has a shop in Little Five Points in Atlanta though:

This is most of the gang on the left side of the garden, you can almost make out Amy in the pergola on the right, and the fountain before we got it gurgling on Sunday. I can't remember the name of lovely lady in the front. Darn. She was so quiet, but had some great prints and paintings and was really nice and talented. I didn't get her card though. Not sure she had any:

These lovely ladies are sisters, and were knitting together on Saturday. Kathryn (on the right) had her husband buy her a pair of earrings from me - they looked FABULOUS on her:

They were behind the fountain. After we got it gurgling, a woman baptized her baby in it. Well, we had a church on either side of us and it was Mother's Day, so we all just assumed that's what she was doing. At least she wasn't drinking from it like the two boys the day before: 

So, that's the cool crew from Hatch. Plus, since Erin is on Etsy and so is JoyAnn (who I didn't get a picture of but was in the back pergola behind and to the left of my table with Tiffin), and I'm also on Etsy (and that's how I found out about the show), I will now give you their shop addresses: 

Fabulous smelling soaps plus: (E! La! La!)
Repurposed vintage jewelry:

Plus there was someone else just outside our fence who made recycled clothes and purses and such who's also on etsy who was pretty cool.

You can barely see her just to the left of the gate in the way too bright and hot pass through to the wonderfully cool Garden... the beginning of which, next to the asphalt lot, is where I was supposed to be. 

Ok. To be fair, there were a lot of nice people outside the Garden too. Hutch was the coolest. He was roasting coffee beans in the main area to show people how his coffee is done in Griffin. He also knew people under the tent with us and kept coming back to say hi. Plus, I met a lot of great people who weren't part of the show too. Some of whom were friends of Jessica's and a lot of her husband's friends. Saturday was like a receiving line next to us with all the people he knew coming by to say hi. He was also friends with one of the bands that played on Saturday so it was a party at their table all day. 

Of course, there were some Really wonderfully nice people in attendance too! 

Not to mention the wonderful Scoop Magazine ladies who made the effort and got it done! AND especially all the event location ladies who worked til late Friday night to make sure the tents and tables were up!  

Thanks ladies! 

So, that was Hatch. 

I've got a custom ring to make and send and have to send some e-mails to the Hatch people and get ready for the Hudson River Market on Saturday as well (wish us a sunny day cause it's supposed to rain). So I gotta go and get to it now. 

Ta Rah.