September 15, 2008

My Life In Limbo; How You Doin?

So much I want to write about, so little time, energy  and a/c. Yes, it's been brutally hot around the computer's this Summer and my work environment is woefully under funded and totally bereft of refridgerated air. The home computer is out of range in a corner in front of a full sun all day window. That just is not where you want to be to try to do anything, let alone compose your thoughts. Plus, as most of you have experienced where ever you are, it's been unusually and unseasonably warm this year with strange cold snaps which I have loved. Which leaves me not wanting to be infront of a computer for any reason... 

Which is good, because I've actually been in hyper create mode. Getting ready for a few things I've planned into my year's end:

Three fleamarkets and a craft show.

Heading to Woodstock, NY next Sunday (Sept. 21st) with a tent, a couple tables, a rug, a bunch of stuff we want to get rid of - or need to get rid of - and a mess o' jewelry. Wish me a good day! Cause a lot of people from the area told me I would do well at Mower's Market, so they better be right;]

If it's a good day, I'll do it again toward the end of the middle of next month at the same place. If not, then the next one will be at the Xmas in November fleamarket at the Stormville Airport on the 2nd. That one is limited to just one type of thing if it's new stuff, which my jewelry kinda is. So, just jewelry at that one. Supposed to be a big deal though, which is reflected in the cost of a space for sure, so wish me luck on that one too. 

AND if you're in the neighborhood, you should drop by the last one; at the Starlite Ballroom in Allentown, PA on the 7th of December. That's the Indiemade Craft Market show repleat with live music. Really looking forward to that one. AND if you go, AND get there early, you might be one of 50 to get a Swag Bag - I was only asked to make 10 items to include, but I'm going to try to get 50 done (simple wire wrapped rings I learned to make just for this purpose). Totally worth getting there early for! 

Wanna see some of the stuff I've been making to sell under the tents? OK.

Here's a Brass, Agate, and Rose Quartz bird's nest pendant:

This is a Copper and 40's Vintage Czech Crackle Glass bead ring:

This is a necklace that matches the ring with Hill Tribe Thai Vermeil beads added to the Vintage Czech Glass:

I have more to show you, but I have to get back to making more of it. Let you know how it went next week - or the week after that... 

P.S.   Did anyone else notice that they used the theme song for Briscoe County Junior for the Olympics in Beijing? I always thought that crappy song was why the series was cancelled, but the arrangement they used sounded ok for the Olympics - though, I did see cowboys on horseback and a train crashing off a cliff every time I heard it...