September 24, 2010

Rings, Rings, & More Rings! And Max...

So, I only had Mon-Wed this week to make jewelry and Wed was just custom orders... which means, I seriously cranked out some rings on Mon and Tues! I made over 50 $10 rings and a dozen $15 ones. Plus, some lovely cameo and faceted gemstone rings. Wanna see what I got?

Ok. Here they are..

I made almost all these rings on Monday and all but one of the spiral rings on Tuesday:

And I made all these rings on Tuesday:

Thurs, I was taking care of my mom's geriatric terrier and cat. Max, the terrier wasn't doing so well and when my mom got home, I had to drive her and Max to the vet. We came back without him. Heart failure was the diagnosis. He was an amazing dog. He was at least 15 (probably older) and had Cushings, was blind with cataracts, deaf, had senile dementia and was a little indomitable tank that kept going longer and stronger than any batteried up bunny! Even though he was also incapable of getting outside to do his business (we won't miss that part!), we miss him.

So, here's a picture of Max back in June, when he was able to get himself up on the porch and in through the door again (something he hadn't been able to do for over a year). The vet said they get better before they get worse, and he sure did!

Max was an inspiring little guy and we'll miss him!

However, sad as the family is about Max... I'll still be at the Pioneer Park Market, in the usual place on 400S, tomorrow. So, maybe I'll see some of you there trying to get your favorite ring(s) before someone else does?

September 17, 2010

Brand New Pendant Styles... & Other New Stuff For Friday

This is the last Sunday for me at the Park Silly Market (back in my old spot on the side of Kimball across from Zooms)... and I'll be at Pioneer Park tomorrow (in the same spot I'm always in between City Weekly and the handmade wooden toys)... just 5 more of those including this weekend...

How about that tornado in NY? Hope all my NY readers are unscathed!

Um, I had a lot to say about new jewelry and my weird week, but I lost it in the black hole in the back of my head. So, let's just get to the pictures of the new jewelry...

Ok, so this is the new NEW stuff. Pendants. Turquoise, Silver, Lapis, Malachite, Rainbow Moonstone, Bear Grylls like raft of Sterling. Waves of Silver Plated and enameled Copper wire with Rainbow Moonstone, Amethyst, Tourmaline, Carnelian. Did I mention they're pendants?

New word pendants in Silver with lots of different stones... OK: Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Tourmaline, Malachite, Agate. Sterling chains are longer than the other ones I had.

Rose Quartz I found in NC and rough tumbled all wrapped in plated and enameled Copper wire. Chunky and funky but totally not clunky (ok, so I might be losing it...)

Lab grown Emerald Spinel, Sapphire & Ruby Corundum wrapped in Argentium Sterling Silver and 14K Gold Fill wire. Got a little long on me, but I still like 'em... you?

Ok... That's it for this weeks new stuff... unless I make something tomorrow night when I get home...

Have a great weekend and hope to see some of you in Salt Lake or Park City (probably see some of you at both too;)

September 10, 2010

Have Party... Um... Have One!

Hey everybody...

Quick thanks to Terry for throwing a Jewelry Party last night. And to all her friends and family that made it so wonderful to be at!

Terry was partying for charity last night so that meant that her hosting gift was a piece for an upcoming auction and instead of getting 5% of the total sales in free jewelry at the end of the night, she got 10% going to The Sharing Place instead.

Yay, Terry!

This is the gift that's going to auction:

So... if you have a charity you'd like to party for, let me know so we can start making it a success before it even starts!

Oh. Happy Ethiopian New Year and hope there's a lot of feasting and festiveness for the end of Ramadan!

Now, here's the new stuff for the week:
5 new U Rock Rings...

Lavender Rose Quartz and Jasper I found in NC and rough tumbled in Argentium Sterling and two shades of Bronze.

A recent Red Jasper I found literally in my backyard in Bronze and a Blue Aventurine Quartz and Amethyst I found in NC and rough tumbled in Argentium Sterling Silver.

2 new Cameo Pendants...

Resin reproduction cameos in Gold Plated and enameled German Wire.

Plus 2 new, totally new never been made style, found local stone and gemstone bracelets...

A milky Agate with 3 kinds of Opal chips and Carnelian in Brass.

A cool Sandstone Quartz I smoothed out with a Dremel and wrapped in Brass with Baltic Amber, Rose Quartz and Rainbow Moonstone.

And that's what's new for this week.

I'll be at the Downtown Salt Lake Market tomorrow, in the usual place, and then I have to hurry home to clean out the trailer, AKA my studio, so it can be prepared Sunday to be taken away for an Oregon trip on Monday. So... I'll be winging it for making stuff next week and the week after that... But, I'll definitely get some stuff made and pictures up for you to oogle next Friday non-the-less.

Have a great weekend and hope to see some of you tomorrow.

September 3, 2010

A Week of Jewelry in Three Days

So, all of you regular readers, friends and family know:

I moved to Utah this Spring to live with my folks and here I am while Phil is in NJ getting ready to start the rest of the month rehearsing for the world tour that starts on the 28th... AND, he was here visiting last week... AND, I got severe vertigo and nausea mid visit and I'm still getting over the dizzy...

Ok. That established...

I spent Monday on the couch not moving (cause stuff spun when I did), Tuesday catching up on e-mail and making a couple pendants for a custom order, and the last three days making jewelry for this weekend. Ok, actually, I only made two pairs of earrings on Wednesday. I made most of what follows yesterday and today...

Can you say: Making up for lost time?

You tell me:

Non Tarnish Brass Adjustable Rings (made last night at last minute)

Faceted Argentium Silver & 14K Gold Fill with Lab & Natural Sapphires and a Natural Rubilite Tourmaline Rings (all made today)

Orange Catseye and Brass Bracelet (made yesterday)

Red and Cream Rose Fashion Cameo & Brass Bracelet (also made yesterday)

Non Tarnish Copper and Brass Fashion Cameo Pendants (all made yesterday)

Sterling, Gold Fill, Vintage Chain segments and Fashion Cameo earrings (two made Wed, the rest yesterday)

So, there you have it... And, I'm thinking I'll even try to make a few Gemstone Cabachon Pendants tomorrow after the Saturday Market Downtown (that's in Pioneer Park in Salt Lake City for anyone just tuning in. I'm always next to the City Weekly tent on the street side of 400S about midway). I think I might need some more for Sunday at Park Silly... where I'll be back in front of the Banhoff again (that's Y38 on the map. Click on it to enlarge).

Maybe I'll see some of you this weekend and the rest of you had better enjoy the weekend. We're due to have more dangerous wind so... Yay!?