May 20, 2008

Writing For And About Others...

Guess what I did this week? Go ahead. I'll wait...

Ok. I'll tell you:

I wrote an intereview for Smidge. The Canadian website/forum/blog about all things Etsy cool and fabulous, and it's up there right now. It's on/with Jessica Pierce who created Spidercamp and it's all about her rude little rabbits - and pocket bacon - and why they exist. Oh, and about how super cool they are and how nice and talented Jessica is... ya, it's a bit kiss ass, but I really like her stuff (I got two of her rabbits for Phil, I'm looking at the little "poop" one now - I was the first one to get a tiny version, by special request, cause I'm so cool!;) 

I already know who I'm going to ask to do the next one too... the intereview on that is... but I'll let you know when I get a go ahead from subject and publication alike. 

Speaking of which, I have a spot in the Etsy group ad in the June issue of Bust Magazine that comes out today - well, probably just to subscribers - so peel your eyes for that and wish me money well spent! That would be another form of good luck...

I used this for my section of the ad:

But I haven't seen the ad yet... hopefully I'll be able to grab a copy soon and check out how it came out. Haha, I  just looked at the site and they have a single issue for sale, so I thought: I'll just have it delivered! Not going to happen! Cost me almost exactly the same price for shipping as the mag! Which would make the single issue cost, appropriately enough since it is the 15th anniversary issue, $15+! 

Crazy, I just checked out the bottom half of the online Bust homepage (under lady pink) and there was a picture of this past weekend's Beacon art event, Electric Windows! I missed it cause it was the exact hours the shop was open, but it looks pretty good. I'll definitely have to wander down and have look in person soon! Hmmm, seems you can let them know about special events right from and onto the website. I'll have to remember that for my next opening/special event! 

Ok. Got a lot to do and get done for the day so I'll leave it here for now and you guys go click around and check out and read and leave comments and have a fun day full of bad words and other things that start with the letter "B". I'm off to clean the bathroom! 

May 13, 2008

It's All About the Blog...

Talking with my significant where would I be without the other day and the topic of Blogs came up. As it does so often in the news and on comedy shows and other places in daily life these days, blogs just come up. This particular conversation started out:

Where did the name "Blog" come from?

This question is much like the question:

Why do they call them "Biners" in the U.S. and "Crabs" in Oz? 

It's the kind of question that leads to the pondering of such things as:

If they were made famous in another country, would they be called something else? And what would that something else be? (this is the cue for you all to jump in with pithy comments!)

The answer to the Q. that started the whole thing is inevitably: It's short for web log. As far as I know. But, people were doing this long before it was common and commonly known as a blog. So, what was it called in the early incarnations? 

Web Diary. Blather. Newsletters. Letters. (another perfect place to add comments and ideas about)

As many of you have already read, or knew before, I'm not really partial to the blog moniker. It sounds like a verbalized euphemism for online diarrhea... or vomit... which, I guess, in some cases it is. 

Personally, I prefer to think of it all as a kind of cathartic release. A silently verbal pressure release valve. (another cue for comments right here)

When I join the forums and read the advice for why and how you should blog when I'm roaming Etsy, they all seem to allude to the "promotion" issue. Ok. Some are just straight out saying: Blog to promote! I'm not really in agreement with this advice. On the whole. Obviously, there is some shameless self promotion featured prominently on my blog site. There is also some promotion of others and recommendations of things I think are fun and entertaining. However, I don't feel inclined to use the wordy aspect of the blog medium for shameless mememeness. 

Ok. The whole thing is not always about me, but in general, it is my thoughts and what I'm doing. THAT is the point of doing this though, isn't it? To express thoughts and ideas to and with people you don't connect regularly enough with or who you might not connect with otherwise? My intention for starting this was to allow my friends and family a place to check in to see what I'm up to and get a feel for what my life is like when they aren't around (which is, with most everyone I know living in another state or country, unfortunately most of the time). Sometimes that includes stuff about my jewelry (which then pertains to my Etsy shop); sometimes it's just random thoughts expressed on the computer (which is aimed primarily at my friends). Depends on where my head is at the day I sit down to write and what pops out through my fingers when I actually get into the act of spewing. 

Well, yes. Spewing. That is definitely the way it feels, AND, definitely the kind of thing that fits right into the sound you get when you talk about the thing you are now reading. They do call it a BLOG; and what sounds more like an onomatopoeia for spewing than that? 

May 5, 2008

The Revolution May Very Well Be Online

Whew! This running three business things is taking it's toll. I'm ready to go back on the road. Waaay more relaxing! 

Just opened another Etsy store for pearldaddy Wed. Extra pearls and clasps and things like that for sale. Right now, supplies. More pictures taken and some jewelry will get added in the next couple weeks too. So, I've been doing as much promotion online as I can - mostly while at the store - and trying to get all the things that keeping that place open entails too. Which is a lot. Have a couple custom orders I have to get to next week. Had to order some things for that so I have a week before I can really get started. 

Big art opening on Saturday at pearldaddy too. Party with music and all planned. So, there is still that to prepare for. Just finished the store newsletter today and'll get that cleaned up and off in the virtual mail later tonight. I also added a new listing on my regular Etsy site today. Spent the morning editing the photos and writing the description then did a bit of promo surfing. In the Treasury, leaving comments. In the forum joining in conversations and leaving links. Going to blogs and commenting there. (oh, I've got a pendant and chain in the Smidge May Giveaway; if you want to leave a comment there for your chance to win it:  OR you can always just get one from my Etsy store below)

My whole week has pretty much been spent in front of the computer. AND, I'm looking to pick up another part time job that will require an additional 10 hours or so infront of the computer. One of those do from home things working for someone else with an online store presence. 

I added a bunch of new links on this blogsite too. Some fun stuff to do and great places to look for cool stuff. Some Etsy related and some not. Look around and see what you can find. I'll probably be rearranging it as you look so don't freak out if you come back from a link and the link is somewhere else. I think I'll spend the rest of the week changing the blog layout around. Just so I can burn the hell out of my retinas! 

I don't think it's possible to spend too much time on the computer, no matter how nauseous it makes me feel. No matter how much my arms and wrists hurt. No matter how much my eyes burn. The computer is where it all happens! I have to be where it's all happening! 

Heck. I think I'll just set myself up with a table and a tent and hit the road! 

See that blaaahhg later in the year;}