August 31, 2011

Featured Artist at Park Silly This Sunday

Is ME!

Yep. That's right. I'm the featured artist (booth is set up next to the Main Stage at the bottom of Main - near the Beer Garden). So...

I'll be making jewelry while I sell it (well, hopefully I'll have some help selling). So, there will be new jewelry (some of which you've seen here in the last few months) and new jewelry being made.

If you want to pick your own (or bring your own) stone and have it wrapped or sculpted; this Sunday is the day to do it.

Hope to see you this Sunday (the 4th) on Main Street in Park City (Utah;)... or you can catch me in space #14 at the Holiday Harvest Festival on September 10th too.

In the meantime, here's the latest thing I made for my (not quite yet) brother inlaw's new business venture: Flying Sprocket Mobile Bicycle Repair Shop

So, I guess, I can call myself a Wire Sculptor now? Well, if I get requests for more themed business card holders... ;]

August 27, 2011

Silly Sunday is Approaching

In fact, it's tomorrow... and I'll be sharing a booth with Janet, who does beautiful jewelry... we'll be at the top of the hill by the entrance, in a white tent, full of jewelry.

You should come see us!

I don't have anything new, but you can see my new stuff at Park City Jewelers... like (please excuse the photo quality - they were snapped with a phone at the end of the day upon finishing) some of these:

I did the original wax for this and did the finishing and chose the stone combinations and attached the petals...

I did the petals...

Did the finishing and the petals on this one...

Did most of the work on this one...

Um, and I made some other stuff for them as well.... All in either white or yellow 14K Gold.... oh, that last one, is the first one I set the stones on myself. Yep; learning to set stones. In fact, I did most of the work on the last one... I think I mentioned that... huzzah. I might actually get to be a real jeweler at some point... ;]

Going to be teaching more beginner jewelry classes at the Kimball this fall too, so keep an eye out for that as well.

Hope to see you tomorrow (or on the 4th;)

August 8, 2011

Class Time

Hey everybody!

I have a class starting this Thursday - still time to get in - and next Monday at the Kimball Art Center in Park City (Utah). If you haven't already signed up, you can sign up for the Necklace/Bracelet Finishing Class Here... and for the Wire Sculpted Jewelry Class Here.

This is the kind of thing I'll teach in the Finishing class:

(even though it says students responsible for own materials, that's really just for the beads - which you can get really quick Here . I'll be providing all the other stuff and you can pay for it at the first class)

And these are the kind of things I'll teach in the Sculpting class:

Hope to see some of you there - either where... ;]

Also... if you want to make a few bucks taking surveys online, this is a good one: I redeem straight to Amazon... that's how I got my yellow Craft Market umbrella and heavy metal umbrella stand last year.

I'll also be sharing a booth at the last Park Silly of August... more on that as it gets closer... I get paid for my opinion. You can too! Check out this video for amazing opportunities to get paid for sharing your opinion. Or, just follow this link to join Opinion Outpost: