January 26, 2009

Teaching Jewelry Making Classes in Harriman

Hello Everybody! 

I'm just logging on to make a quicky announcement:

Marci at The Pink Cloud Boutique (in Harriman) asked me to teach classes at her shop. 

Yes, I'm teaching classes in the fine art of jewelry making starting February 6th. That's a Friday. It's going to be a very basic wire wrap class to teach the most basic technique used in wire wrap jewelry to link beads together or hang them from things or whatever you want to do to connect something to something. I'll have everyone finish a bracelet by the end of class. 

The class is $15, runs from 7pm - 8:30pm, and there's a $25 materials fee which includes everything you need. Even the tools. Plus there'll be enough beads etc. to make a matching necklace when you get home. 

Oh, and I'm teaching a Peyote Stitch class on the 27th. That one will be earrings by the end of class and is $20 for the class plus $15 for materials - again, everything you need for the class plus enough to make another pair of earrings when you get home. It runs from 6:45-8:45, also on a Friday. 

And those are the classes I'm teaching in February. 

In March (still have to figure out the dates and times I'm available) I'm teaching a Brick Stitch class - earrings made in class - and a Pearl/Bead Knotting class - bracelet made in class. I'll put up the specifics of those as I have the dates and times finalized. 

Gonna try to teach two classes a month until I get too busy with home jewelry parties and craft shows to have time {any help on filling up my time that way is always appreciated;} Of course, I don't know when that might be. Maybe in the Summer, when I have to move out of my apartment in June, and then I plan on heading West in the middle of July; coming back in mid-August only to do another craft show - hopefully. I still have to get the apps in and get accepted... 

And then maybe again in November and December when I hope to be doing a show every weekend and will need to be making things non-stop in between... the plans are not always what happens as you all know, but keep checking back for details as the acceptance letters start rolling in;}

In the meantime, if you live in the Hudson Valley, and might be planning to be going down to the Woodbury Commons anyway... Pink Cloud is just a short drive down Route 17 from there so you might as well sign up for some classes! ;}

Don't forget to leave me a post if you want more info or have requests for classes!

January 20, 2009

Is Obama the Reincarnation of Honest Abe?

Following the same train route prior to the inauguration aside, it does seem that there are more than just a few similarities between President Obama and the 16th President. 

The "Honest Abe" aspect is very evident in the way that the new president has a tendency to answer questions without guile, and speak about things that others tend to hide. Of course the common trait of being tall and lanky doesn't really help to dispel comparison either. Then there's the matter of both being eloquent, convincing and popular orators. Lincoln certainly knew the constitution inside and out and Obama taught constitutional law. Which brings us to the point that they were both lawyers. Lincoln also represented Illinois in the House and Obama was an Illinois Senator. 

Now, I'm not sure if Obama has any patents pending or if Lincoln ever wrote a best selling novel or two but, aside from these two things, it would be hard not draw the parallels. 

Throw in the fact that Obama swore into office on Lincoln's bible and it's completely understandable to say: Hmmm...  Which is to say that it's a little easy to assume that Obama could be Lincoln reincarnate. If you believe in reincarnation that is. Which I do. Though, I'm not making a declaration; just throwing it out there;]

Ok. Enough metaphysical politic musing. I need to wrap this up quickly since the day is more than half over and I still have way too much to do. 

I'm applying for craft shows alllll over the place for the coming year and more than half of the applications are due in the next 4 weeks! So, I  have to get all the best pictures of a variety of my work (some of them are still waiting to be photographed while the other's still need editing) in all the corresponding correct formats and views, then put onto discs in all the right numbers and sizes - everyone seems to want something different. Then, I have to fill out the forms and get the money together for the application fees and show fees and get them all in the mail on time. Without double booking! 

Which is not that hard if you have nothing else going BUT, the store is finally done. Yes, the end of the year sales were only enough to pay the current month's bills and January is just as slow as it always is so there is no money for February. Absolutely none right now. 

So, March 31st will see the physical incarnation of pearldaddy over and out. Still going to sell off the remaining jewelry online, and take some of it around to the fleas when I do those. Plus, I'm going to do jewelry parties so the option of bringing pearl jewelry will come with that too. No more boutique and gallery after March though. So... I have to find people to buy all the furniture - since it's going on the street if no one buys it because I'm not moving it again! No room in my garage anyway. Plus, I have to redo the website, add more jewelry to the online store (gotta take all the pics and write the descriptions as well), clean things out and pack stuff up. 

Oh, and I'm going to be doing some jewelry making classes starting next month too. 

AND, we have to find another place to live by June as well. 

I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. But, not unhappy. 

So, even though I haven't gotten nearly enough done today and still have pics to fix and laundry to do, I did feel like I should get a blog on about everything that's going down; even a short one. Since all that stuff about Obama and Lincoln was roaming my head like a wild beast, and since it's inauguration day, you can thank that for today's writing impetus. 

I'll post again when I have new pics of work to show and some dates and places for upcoming craft shows (the first one might be in Albany at the beginning of April, and then there are a possible two at the end of April and beginning of May in Atlanta). Keep you posted. 

All the best and hope the New Year and New President bring nothing but better days - for EVERYONE!!!