June 25, 2010

Last June Weekend Under the Sun

Well, it's time for another weekend of outdoor vending fun!

Listening to Phil's latest composition and sweltering in my little trailer studio (give you visual next week;). Checking e-mails and getting ready to put my Etsy store on hold while I head to bed so I can get up at 5am to get to Salt Lake City by 7am... it's an hour's drive...

Yes, back in the same place in Pioneer Park along 400 S tomorrow morning from 8am to 1pm and then up early again on Sunday to hang out on Main Street in Park City for the Silly Sunday Market.

Got my silly hat this time... unless it's too windy (whew it was brutal that wind last weekend!) Gonna be bright and sunny both days though - and a mild mid 80's in the high desert sun.

If I look wilted by the time you get there, please feel free to bring me back some ice and try again. Thanks!

See you there - if I see you there.

June 18, 2010

Gettin Silly on Sunday

Well, I survived the rain last Saturday (thanks to Kristin for letting me borrow a canopy!!) and will have a sunny day to test out my new umbrella tomorrow AND Sunday.

Yes, my weekly stint in Pioneer Park continues on Saturday and then, on Dad's Day (happy happy to the dads!), my first day at the Park Silly Sunday Market. Hurrah!

Did I mention my umbrella is Lemon Yellow? Well, maybe Canary... it's yellow. And I'll be under it both days.

I have rings for dads too... you know.

And for Grads...

And for, um, yep.

Anyway. Saturday, Downtown Salt Lake 8am to 1am. Sunday, Main Street in Park City from 10am to 5pm. On the 400 S side of Pioneer Park on Saturday (in the middle on the street side by the giant ATM machine). Between Heber and 7th on Main Street on Sunday.

Hope to see you there!

June 11, 2010

Come to the Market

Well, I got back from NM - Cloudcroft was fun and so was the stroll through all the National Parks on the way down and back up - and almost immediately the river we cross to get here started flooding and washed the road away on our side; first time since anyone remembers. That got fixed, then I got sick.

However, I feel much better, even though it's pretty cold and rainy today... And, it's my first Saturday at the Downtown Salt Lake Arts & Crafts Market in Pioneer Park tomorrow. Looks like the arts and crafts will mostly be along the 400 S side of the park - that's where you can find me on the street side close to 300 W (in space B18 incase you know where that is;).

Looks like I'll be out in the open tomorrow, so make sure you come by and keep me company. I've got the umbrella, just no base to put it in (supposed to be here next week;) so I'll have a big straw hat on if it's sunny... and if it rains... well... I hope it waits until we're all packed up... ;]

Ok. I have a ton to do to get ready for my EARLY rise tomorrow (before 5am!) so, I'll put some pics up next blog....