March 30, 2009

It's All-Most-Over!

So, Saturday was the closing day - thanks to everyone who came and drank cheap champagne and brought gifts and enjoyed the evening with us! 

Then yesterday, Sunday, all the remaining jewelry and bits and bobs got thrown into boxes so the furniture could be removed - dragged hither and yon by various people who had use for it. Cleaned out and cleaned up and now the new old store is waiting for new tenants once more. 

Final store closing, unless you count online stores. That one will remain until the remaining jewelry from that chapter is safely in loving hands. Which will then be the final pearldaddy chapter finished and shut.

Exhausted and somewhat relieved, I dreamt all night that I would be going back on Wed, then saw the empty room I had just left behind... 

Bitter sweet. 

So, now I have to rest up for the big reorganizing at the homestead so what's left can find it's way out to the public - and out my doors. Not much, really. But, in such a tiny space, it's a little oppressive. 

Naturally, the next step will be finding more room to work and store work supplies in... 

Enough of the exhausted ramblings. I'll write a post listing my next few "gigs" in a couple of days and again when my website is all updated for the new directions. 

All the best to all and sundry. Happy Spring - szzzzzzznnnnnnnnnnnnaaaaccchhllllzzzzzzzz!

March 9, 2009

Rant and Roll - AND Updates

Ok. So, I did have a big rant planned, but I think I'm all wound down now. I'm sure I'll wind back up, so I'll just start with what's going on this month. And next month. Well, I did manage to eliminate February from the blog roster, and since there is so much going on right now, I just want to put it all in just in case I wind up not writing anything for another month plus. 

So, pearldaddy's last day is March 28th. Going to have a big closing party on that last Saturday - the 28th - and I'll be doing deals all day and we'll party until I get tired and throw you all out after that. One of Phil's bands might play and all musicians are invited to bring instruments and accost our ears until we beg them to stop too. Then, I have to have it all cleaned out and give the keys back by evening on the 29th. So I'm a little stressed trying to get that to happen on schedule while making as much merch and all the display furnishings disappear by then. 

AND, if one more non-buying blankity blank comes in just to ask me "Why are you closing" I might say something not nice. See, I got wound up again. 

Well, not really surprising since I was talking about pearldaddy and Sunday was another day where 90% of the people walking in asked that exact question and walked back out without purchasing anything. Way to answer your own question, don'tcha think? Actually, without fail, every single person who's asked that question hasn't bought a thing. Oh, Wait. I know what I'll say next time: "Let me ask you this: are you going to buy something or are you just browsing?" When they say: "Just browsing." then I'll answer: "Well, you just answered your own question." Of course, what I really want to say will be this: "@@#$(!&&$#)#)$#!$!*#$&%"

And, while I'm at it, Carbon Offsets?! Either you pollute or you don't. Buying someone else's good intentions doesn't make you a better person! And what about all the wasted money NY State has spent on roads that just have potholes - even worse than before - just two months after they're repaved?! That winds up being good for mechanics and just about no one else! Ok. That's the rant - for now;}

Let's see, what else? 

Well, right now I'm really just too busy getting everything sold off and moved out and cleared up at pearldaddy to teach any beading classes, but I'll try again in April. Don't have a schedule yet, but you can check on the Pink Cloud blog site at the end of March and look for the classes taught by Andrea - cause that's me - if I don't get around to listing the classes and dates here before then. 

Oh, and I have some exclusively made for, one of a kind jewelry at Raindance in Beacon. Be sure to drop by if you like the following pictures because Raindance is the only one who has them - well,  it's all one of a kind, isn't it? - 456 Main Street (next to the Piggy Bank parking lot).

Seven one of a kind Sterling necklaces and seven matching earrings. All with Vintage beads and gemstones.

Also, I'll be making customized picture frame necklaces in conjunction with Paper Presence in Beacon (296 Main Street) throughout April for Mother's Day. I'll have sample necklaces on view there by the end of March. Basically the way it will work is: you pick a frame style and metal type, choose the birthstones (or tell us the birth months) of all the children giving the frame to mom, and give a picture of the kids in question to Lydia to miniaturize. A week or less goes by, and you'll get a customized picture necklace to give to mom.  We're still finalizing all the details but, as I mentioned, should be up and running with that by the end of March. 

In other news: Still waiting to hear back about craft shows for May and the one planned for June was cancelled for lack of location, but I'm definitely going to be at the Park Silly Sunday Market in Park City, Utah on July 26th and August 9th. If you live in that area and want to host a jewelry party while I'm out there, get in touch. We have to speed through to get there in July but, if you're along the route back to NY, and want to throw a jewelry party the second week of August, let me know that too. 

Ok. Well, that's pretty much it for now. Hopefully I'll get time to update ya'll in the near future. If not, I'll make sure I get at least one in for April. Oh Ya. Almost forgot: mark your calenders if you're in NYC and not otherwise engaged on April 9th. Phil will be playing at the Delancey with the Children.... Larkin Grimm is on the bill too. Should be a really good time. 

Right. That's really it for now. So. All the best of the best to everyone until I type atcha again.