July 30, 2010

What's New For This Weekend's Markets

So, having trouble with the computer, but after accidentally just posting pictures... not sure how, think my Mac has bugs... I am letting you know what those pictures are of (on Firefox since Blogger isn't working right with Safari right now, again).

So, I'll be in Pioneer Park downtown Salt Lake, 8am to 1pm Saturday (tomorrow) with all these new things...

Eight new Cameo Rings:

Purple Butterfly Cameo Earrings to match the pendant I made last week:

Lady Jand Cameo Earrings to match last weeks other pendant:

Lady Diana Cameo Earrings to match the other other pendant I made last week:

And a new style of Cameo Bracelet with a Blue Diana in Brass:

If you come on Saturday, you'll get to try and buy before everyone in Park City on Sunday so... just wanted to point that out to ya... ;}

Oh, and I'll be on Main Street in Park City on Sunday from 10am to 5pm.

Next week, it's all stones...

Have a great weekend!

July 23, 2010

The Pendants' The Thing...

Ok, I'm feeling a bit old today, so I'm making the pictures bigger than usual... "Large" instead of "Medium" whatever that means... ask Blogger, I don't know.

Of course, I always use "Large" font... for the more visually challenged... like me;}

Off to Downtown Salt Lake Arts & Crafts Market again tomorrow, and while Phil was around visiting last weekend and I didn't make anything new or blog... I know, you missed me, right?... a little?... Well, THIS week, I made a bunch of new rings And a handful of new:

Babpbapdada! Yes, the thing you've all been waiting for... ok, I'll do the ring versions next week...

CAMEOS!!! Well, the pendants anyway... I'll try to do some new earring ones with the new ring ones next week too...


Yes, that butterfly is purple... Well, they call it "Amethyst". I have other colors too. Next week. Oh, they're all two tone too.

I also got around to making some new rings, but only a couple. WAy too hot! Seriously, after 11am or Noonish, it's way over 80F in here and no AC and no way I can keep from sweating which means no way I can make as much jewelry as I want to...

So, here are the two new Faceted Gemstone Rings (in Argentium Sterling):

8mm Lab Grown Ruby and a CZ Emerald. Differentish designs than usual... because my hands were starting to slip and slide and I'm lucky they came out at all let alone as nice as they did.

Also did a bunch of new Knot and Wavy (cause you asked for it) Spiral wire rings. {Finally. I only had two left after last weekend!}

For your perusal this weekend:

Tried out some new designs and think there are some really unique and beautiful choices in this weekends new offerings - all for $10 & $15 each - yes, the more complicated ones are pricier. Whadaya think?

Oh, I'll be at the Park Silly Market on Sunday too this week. Almost Right in front of the Sugar Bear kettle corn and cinnamon sugar nuts Hut. Um, yay? Um, no. I really don't like the smell of burning oil and sugary nuts... Start joke making......


Anyway, hope to see some of the Utahns and visiting outta towners [who've been waiting for more knot rings and cameos to descend on my little table] at least one of the days this weekend.

Otherwise, maybe I'll see you next weekend?

Keep your eyes here next week for the new new stuff too.

Have a great weekend!!

July 9, 2010

Markets and Rings

So, I have a newish ring design - three of each bead and three metals (well, all Copper but two are plated and then they're all enameled so they're non tarnish...) AND five new faceted gemstone rings in Argentium Silver for this weekend's Markets. See:

How does $10 each sound? Well, that's what they're gonna be. Sizes range from 4 to 8 and each one is a different size... half sizes, quarter sizes, eighth sizes, nine different sizes in three metal and three bead choices so you can see which one fits best... as always; no two are exactly alike.

Or, get a new non tarnish Sterling Silver faceted ring:

There's a London Blue Topaz (size 5), Lab Ruby (size 4.5), Natural Blue Sapphire (size 7.5), gorgeous Natural Amethyst (size 7 and a bit more unisex), and a Natural Garnet (size 6 1/8). All very different and very lovely on.

Ok, that's my shill for this weekend.

Downtown Salt Lake, Pioneer Park, on 400S by the ATM from 8am to 1pm. Park City, Main Street by Zooms and the back entrance to the Kimball Center from 10am to 5pm.

Maybe I'll see you there? Maybe I'll be square? Maybe I'll have funny hair? Do you care?

Ok. I probably should get a little more sleep? Maybe...

July 5, 2010

Craft Lake City, Here I Come!

So... Hope you all had a good 4th!

Found out I got accepted to the 2nd annual Craft Lake City Arts & Crafts Show at the Gallivan Center in Salt Lake... coming up mid August and hosted by Slug Magazine (who did an interview with my cousin Matt last year).

That's good.

Should be a rip roaring good time... as a matter of fact... and I'm taking that day off the Downtown Market so I don't get burnt out by the end of the night. See, I get up at 5am so I can be ready to drive an hour to get set up by 8am... then go to 1pm. The CLC show starts at 2pm and goes to 9pm, with music going later. So, if I go to the Downtown Market, then I'll have to pack up early to be set up by 2pm and I'll be totally wiped out by 5pm so... I wouldn't be able to enjoy it as much.

Plus, I plan to do a full (two table) set up under a tent for Craft Lake... but, I'll rant more about it later when I give more details in August.

Right now, I'd like to direct your attention to some pictures:

Purple Catseye Pendant Charm

Black (but sometimes looks Blue) Catseye Pendant Charm

Resin Mare and Colt Cameo Pendant

I'm in the process of making new rings this week, so I'll show you those on Friday so you know what to expect for next weekend's Markets. Oh, and please: Feel free to e-mail if you want anything you see posted and can't make it to the Markets...

Feel free to e-mail if you want custom work, or want to host a Jewelry Party... or leave a comment if you just want to say something about something that says something.

Ok. Well...



More then...

July 2, 2010

The Fourth is FREE!

Well, I'm not working a show anyway...

Will be at the Downtown Salt Lake Arts and Crafts tomorrow though, in the same place along 400 S in Pioneer Park. I made a couple new little Catseye pendants... had to order more wire so I can make some more knot rings and cameo pendants though... oh, and I had to order more cameos too... so... you'll get more of those next weekend.

Hope everyone has a great 4th weekend!

Freedom!! ;}