December 27, 2010

Wire Wrapping Classes, Anyone?

So, hope everyone had some great holiday experiences and your New Years is full of bubbles and absent of regrets!

I'm keeping this short, but informative - well, at least I'm trying to.

Meant to get a lot of new stuff up on my Etsy site this last week, but couldn't find the display hand and neck (as seen in other pictures in my store) in my storage stuff, which means it's buried deep... and last week was so dark, I couldn't seem to get any good lighting breaks for pics without them either so, might not get anything new up until I can figure out my options with my current limitations.

Which brings me to my current limitations:

This is my workroom for the winter. It's also my bedroom. The door and shelves are where the closet used to be. The bed is a queen size and up against the far wall, the table is 32" square, and yes, that is a suitcase in the left corner. That black mass on the floor to the right is my cases of jewelry and a few of supplies. The rest of my supplies are 20 miles away in storage.

So, I wasn't able to get that studio space and am still staying with my parents in the boonies... BUT, I AM in negotiations to use a place up at Kimball Junction for teaching classes. I'm planning to teach basic Wire Wrapping for the first class - all materials and your very own tool kit included, 2 hours, 3 techniques for $90 - and basic Stringing and Finishing for the second class.

If you'd be interested in taking the Wire Wrapping class next month, leave me a comment to this post so I can have a bit more leverage to bargain with - to use the teaching space. Once I have enough interest, and have secured use of the space, I'll post the class date/place and registration link along with pictures of everything you'll get and learn how to do.

Oh, and I'm starting a Birthday Club subscription for next year as well. You'll get several options to choose from (including which type of stone you want - the definitions of which you can see Here). This first year, I'm making everyone who joins the club a pendant similar to these ones:

Each one made individually with your specific stone and metal requests and offered to you for your birthday (or anyone else's birthday you don't want to forget) at a special discounted Birthday Club price. Plus, everyone who signs up for the Club before the New Year gets a special offer next week just for the New Year.

And that's all the updates for this year... Thanks for all your continued interest and a VERY Happy New Year to one and all!

December 17, 2010

Super Saturday is the Last Market of the Year

Well, the Holiday Market at Trolley Square is at least... which is tomorrow, which is now being dubbed: Super Saturday! I feel like you should say that with cartoon echo emphasis though... ;}

So, I have two new pendants - both not real Emeralds, but simulated lab stones (that's real lab grown stones that are colored to simulate Emeralds).

The first one is BIG and is in Jewelers Brass (non tarnish). The stone is 16x12 mm (24mm is an inch) and it's swirly and loopy and... well, see for yourself:

The second one is a little 12x8 mm Emerald Spinel teardrop in 14K Gold Fill, with a 14K Gold Fill chain included when you come by Trolley Square tomorrow to get it:

So, those are the two newest pendants I'll have with me from noon to 8pm in the auditorium to the right of the 600 South Atrium entrance at Trolley Square tomorrow.

Oh, and since "Super Saturday" is supposed to be about last minute bargains... incase getting one of a kind jewelry at already low prices isn't enough... if you mention that you saw this BLOG when you see me tomorrow, I'll give you 10% OFF!

See you tomorrow!

PS: there were some things from the Holiday Market featured yesterday morning:

December 14, 2010

Still Time to Party Like it's 2010!

Happy Mid December everybody!

Hope Hanukkah was full of lights and that the Solstice reminds you that Winter is fleeting and your Christmas is full of wonder and that Kwanzaa is fruitful!

Oh, and I also wanted to tell you that there's still time to get in one last Jewelry Party before everyone expects more gifts! Yay Last Minute Shopping Party!

Of course, if you've already had your Jewelry Party (or are waiting for the New Year), or don't have the room for one, or are too far away for me to get there in time, or just aren't inclined to have one anyway; then why not join us right now for an Online Jewelry Party!?!

Online Jewelry Party, you say? Well yes! Why not? In fact, let's start now with the newest, bluest, December Birthstone pendant I've got. It's a (not too) little something I just made with a 13x10 mm Natural Swiss Blue Topaz and Argentium (non tarnishing because it has a type of Platinum in it) Sterling Silver:

Delicately substantial at 2 1/2" long x 1 1/4" wide and absolutely One of a Kind.

So, now that we've got the party started; I'll have another brand new pendant up in the next day or two, and some other new things as they get made as well. In the meantime, head on over to my Etsy Store and have a look around there for something that grabs you... or over to the Miniature Watercolor Painting (by Phil Puleo) Necklace Artfire Store... or the On Sale all the time pearl jewelry Shophandmade Store...

Of course, if you're in the Salt Lake area, you can also come by Trolley Square this Saturday (from noon to 8pm in the Auditorium off the South Atrium at the 600S entrance) and pick up some things as well.

Hope to see some of you there and the rest online...

Oh, did I forget to mention the special
Online Jewelry Party Discount? On my Etsy Store anyway. Just enter: BLOG10 at checkout and Save 10% AND still get your free US Shipping! Just for reading my blog and coming to the party!

Yay Online Jewelry Party!

December 9, 2010

Holiday Market in Trolley Square

Hi-lo there.

Well, I had that cold thing that was wicked and made my head feel like it was gonna explode and every tiny little bone and muscle in my body ache. I got over it, but it took more than a week. My advice: Don't get it!

Ok. That said. I'm all better. Spent a couple days getting my custom work finished - mostly - but nothing new to show you for this weekend. This what? The Holiday Market at Trolley Square...

I'll be in the Auditorium, which is to the right of the Atrium when you come in through the South Entrance off 600 S.

There's gonna be all kinds of great local arts and crafts and food AND a Food drive; so bring some non-perishables to donate.

Starts at Noon and goes to 8pm.

I'll have a nice selection of jewelry with me, but if there is something you particularly want me to bring, let me know. If I don't have what you want, I can make it for you next week and bring it on the 18th. Yep. Two Saturdays in Trolley Square in a row. So... if you can't make it to this one, you get another chance.


See you there?!

December 2, 2010

December Means... Um... Happy... Er...

Howdy Hi everybody!

I made it back to Utah... and then got a cold... BUT, now I have to get myself all spiffed up for another round of weekend Arts & Crafts Markets in Salt Lake City.

Yep. I'm scheduled in for the next three Saturdays. However, I don't really have anything new to show you... but I kind of do... but the picture is terrible... Ok... lets see if I can get it to look good enough to put up.

Be right back...

See, terrible picture. The pendants are all Argentium Sterling and the ring is 14K Gold Fill... can you tell? They look great in person though... and the ring is a Mystic Topaz (and really small;).

Oh well, those won't be with me this weekend anyway.

However, some other stuff will be... and I'LL be at the Winter Market from 10am to 8pm on Saturday (the 4th). In Artist's Alley, where there's a central cash register. Which is why I'll have limited stock. I had to tag all my stuff with special codes and write everything down so they had a list of everything I'm going to sell. Since I could potentially have more than 100 codes if I put out my usual number of pieces, I pared it down to 60 codes and stretched my definition of "similar" so I could use the same code for items with the same price. Which means I'll have a select selection of jewelry for sale... Some of which you can see pictures of in posts before this one... Pretty much all of it actually.

So, ya. I'll have a better selection next week at Trolley Square... and maybe I'll even have some new stuff to show everyone? Not sure. Let you know next Friday...

Or maybe I'll just see you at Trolley Square. Or maybe I'll see you in West Valley City on Saturday? Or maybe I'll run into you on the street? Or maybe you'll drop me a line? Or maybe I'll start drumming and blow up? One can never tell...

(put strange emoticon here)

November 11, 2010

Calico Holiday Weekend in Moultrie Time!

Once again, I am in Georgia to go back to Spence Field in Moultrie for another Calico Arts & Crafts event. This time it's the Holiday Show and I'm bringing two bags full... that might be a mixed analogy but um, I'm too tired and hungry to know for sure.

Ok. Before I show you what I made this week for the show this weekend, let me show you what I made from things I found.

This is like the prototype for a Momento necklace. The center stone was given to me on Brighton Beach (yes, the original one in England) by the bass player on the Swans tour (Chris). The bead is actually a piece of Merscham pipe that was broken up along the bank of the Thames in front of the Naval Academy in Greenwich, the stone is a Moss Agate I found in Hiddenite, and the Malachite is because I like it.

Now, here's the new stuff (plus a pendant I finished when it was too dark to take a picture of, so I'll add that tomorrow - and delete this;)

This I made last week and put in the Newsletter first. Now it's going to Calico. 14K Gold Fill and a 6mm Natural Citrine (November birthstone).

14K Yellow Gold Fill with 14K Rose Gold Fill wire & Copper Petal bead caps. Oh, and Labradorite, Turquoise, and 1940's Venetian beads.

Pretty much the same as above, only with Lapis instead of Turquoise.

These are in Sterling Silver with 1950 vintage Japanese Silver Foil beads and Rainbow Flourite.

Sterling again with 1940's Venetians, Amethyst and Lapis.

1940's Japanese Aventurine Butterfly beads with 14K Gold Fill (Rose Gold Fill wire) & Carnelian.

Also 1940's Venetians in Sterling with Amethyst - and Charoite and Emeralds.

These are in fully tarnishing Copper wire and 1970's vintage glass beads. Only had enough to make one necklace or two bracelets. I did, um, two bracelets.

This is Argentium Sterling Silver and a 16x12mm Lab Blue (Corundum) Zircon pendant that was just made yesterday.

And that's what I'm bringing with me that's new. Plus a lot of other things on things also on view in this blog. Plus a lot of stuff you will only see if you come to the show.

[If you're in the area, and you plan to come to the Calico Holiday Arts & Crafts Show this weekend (Sat 9am-5pm & Sun 10am-4pm), then let me know you read this blog when you buy my jewelry and I will give you $5 off (your entry fee back) when you buy jewelry worth $50 or more.]

See some of you this weekend.

November 5, 2010

New Jewelry for Peachtree Jewelry Expo

Ok. So... UK was fun... and emotional... and exhausting. Had a great time!

Got back Sunday night and caught up with stuff for two days (like sleep) and have spent the last three days making stuff. Yes, I am in Georgia. I brought a LOT of stuff with me to make jewelry. I didn't really make that much since Wed., but here's what I have for tomorrow:

(alert: I had to shoot this under indoor lights, so they aren't my best shots...)

NC stones I found and rough tumbled and some porcelain and shell cameos in Gold Fill and Argentium Sterling Silver...

Osmena (Mabe) pearls in Gold Fill and Argentium SS...

and Sky Blue Topaz and Citrine rings in Gold Fill and Argentium SS... that's the new stuff.

So, you can see that and some of the stuff from earlier blogs AND some stuff I've had tucked away for a while (like really nice pearl sets with 1930's Rhodium and Rhinestone spacers) in person tomorrow. Though, you can only do that if you're in the area near Peachtree City (or already drove up for tomorrow's big jewelry event).

It's happening tomorrow (Saturday the 6th of Nov) from 10am to 6pm at the Kedron Fieldhouse & Aquatic Center (in the Gym) located at 202 Kedron Drive in Peachtree City. I'll be in space E2 (which should be right there in front of the bleachers as you enter the Gymnasium). The Peachtree City Jewelry & Accessory Expo is the talk of the whole area; I'll tell you. Everybody who's anybody is planning to come.

Which means... I expect to see you there tomorrow too!

Ok. Not if you don't live around here... but you know what I meant... ;}

Did I mention that I'm giving away rings?! Well, metal bead rings are still $10 each UNLESS, you spend $50 or more. Then you get to choose a ring for FREE! How about that?

Be putting up more pictures next Thurs. night since I'll be driving down to Moultrie on Friday for the Calico Arts & Crafts show. Hope to have a lot more new stuff for that one too.

See you next week!

October 20, 2010

The Road More Traveled

So... I'm on my way to GA. Day one - the longest drive - is behind me and it's all still long ways each of the next, but not as and more winding... Plus they lead to friends at the end of the day ;}

Then... I get a day of rest and visitation and then a nice Red Eye to London... Yay! More friends (long time haven't seen them) and catch up with Swans for 4 dates of the UK tour. Really looking forward to that! I'd see every show Phil ever played - if I could.

Back on Halloween (I'll be wearing the mask of exhaustion) and then make, make make to get ready for the Peachtree City Jewelry Expo on the 6th and the Calico Arts & Crafts (Moultrie) on the 13th & 14th.

THEN, I get to jet up to PA (Macungie and Philly) for a couple of Jewelry Parties and then up to Minneapolis to visit my Dad; THEN back to Utah for more Jewelry Parties and another weekly Market. New one indoors on State Street.

Well. That last one is still tentative...

Anyway. I still have room for more Jewelry Parties on the way back. So... if you're on the way to Minnesota from Philly (Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, or Minnesota anyone?), drop me a line and get yourself penciled in for November 21st or 22nd (depending on how far you are from Philly/close you are to Minneapolis) or 23rd or 24th if you're on the way from Minnesota to Utah (Minnesota, Iowa, South Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming, Far Northern Colorado).

So, if any of those places/dates describes you... and you want a nice little custom made hosting gift and a percentage of the party's earnings in free jewelry and a discount on everything else you want - like gifts for other people maybe - either leave me a message here, OR e-mail me.

I'll post again when I get back from London and just before Peachtree with some pictures for you to drool over (or come get, depending on your position in the states and inclination as a drooler;).

Have a great Halloween and see you here in November... if I don't see you somewheres else...

October 15, 2010

New Jewelry for the Last Downtown Market

Well, I have a sale going on in my Etsy store until Wed (the prices shown are already reduced)... I'm heading off to GA (and then the UK and then back GA) on Monday... Tomorrow is the last Downtown Salt Lake Arts & Crafts Market of the season AND, I have a Jewelry Party tomorrow night too... I've been a leetle crazy busy this week.

So... Sorry for getting these up so late today:

Couple new Cameo Pendants

Natural Peridot, Rubilite Tourmaline, and Andalucite GF Pendants

Natural Amethyst, Rubilite Tourmaline, Andalucite, and a big lab Sapphire Sculpted Argentium Sterling Silver Pendants

Stones I found myself and tumbled: Rose Quartz from NC, and Agates from Utah (and a faceted stone I didn't find which is also the next picture)

A Natural Oro Verde Citrine in Argentium Sterling Silver - you really can't tell how lovely this stone is in the this photo either...

Ok. Got at least another hour of getting ready for tomorrow to do (got to get up at 5am and I'm going straight to the party after the Market so I have to bring clothes to change into and everything I need for the entire day).

Hopefully I'll see some of you tomorrow - either at the Market (8am to 1pm) in the usual place - or maybe at the party after.

Have a great weekend and I'll talk to you next week on my trip out East.

October 8, 2010

This Friday, I Have New Stuff to Show

Ok. Last Friday I had nothing to show because I was away all week and made nothing new.

Where was I? Incase you forgot; I was out watching Phil beat the hell outta some drums on stage with the Swans first couple nights of the new tour. Yes. It was amazing and I wanted to travel with them longer but...

I came back and then had bad internet connections and nowhere to work until Wed... But, I did get roasted on Saturday at the Downtown Market (cause it was like 90F) and went to a really nice birthday party Sunday and then it rained a lot all week. This morning, the humidity was 80%. Kinda like Oregon in the high mountain desert of Utah... Though, it was a bit too cold to start wire wrapping in the mornings so, I did only have a few hours of solid non-arthritis bothered wrapping each day this week. Yep. I am whining a little bit...

Finally supposed to be a clear, warmer, day tomorrow though. Just in time for the second to last Downtown Salt Lake Arts and Crafts Market in Pioneer Park. Where I will be from 8am to 1pm on the street side of 400 S next to the City Weekly tent. Like usual.

Didn't get to make a lot of new stuff since I spent most of my jewelry making time working on custom orders this week but, I did make these:

And a couple of these:

[These got made because I had a special request for a simple more square know like ring. Obviously, one of these didn't quite fit the bill, but the other one came out ok. However, it was too big so it goes out into the general ring box now...]

Next week is the last Saturday to come out to the Pioneer Park Market for the season, and I will have a lot more new stuff next week... then I'm taking it all to Jewelry Parties and a couple Craft Shows in GA; with a brief flyover to catch up with Phil on the tour again. I love being a groupie!

See you tomorrow... or next Saturday... or at a Jewelry Party... or in Georgia.

September 24, 2010

Rings, Rings, & More Rings! And Max...

So, I only had Mon-Wed this week to make jewelry and Wed was just custom orders... which means, I seriously cranked out some rings on Mon and Tues! I made over 50 $10 rings and a dozen $15 ones. Plus, some lovely cameo and faceted gemstone rings. Wanna see what I got?

Ok. Here they are..

I made almost all these rings on Monday and all but one of the spiral rings on Tuesday:

And I made all these rings on Tuesday:

Thurs, I was taking care of my mom's geriatric terrier and cat. Max, the terrier wasn't doing so well and when my mom got home, I had to drive her and Max to the vet. We came back without him. Heart failure was the diagnosis. He was an amazing dog. He was at least 15 (probably older) and had Cushings, was blind with cataracts, deaf, had senile dementia and was a little indomitable tank that kept going longer and stronger than any batteried up bunny! Even though he was also incapable of getting outside to do his business (we won't miss that part!), we miss him.

So, here's a picture of Max back in June, when he was able to get himself up on the porch and in through the door again (something he hadn't been able to do for over a year). The vet said they get better before they get worse, and he sure did!

Max was an inspiring little guy and we'll miss him!

However, sad as the family is about Max... I'll still be at the Pioneer Park Market, in the usual place on 400S, tomorrow. So, maybe I'll see some of you there trying to get your favorite ring(s) before someone else does?

September 17, 2010

Brand New Pendant Styles... & Other New Stuff For Friday

This is the last Sunday for me at the Park Silly Market (back in my old spot on the side of Kimball across from Zooms)... and I'll be at Pioneer Park tomorrow (in the same spot I'm always in between City Weekly and the handmade wooden toys)... just 5 more of those including this weekend...

How about that tornado in NY? Hope all my NY readers are unscathed!

Um, I had a lot to say about new jewelry and my weird week, but I lost it in the black hole in the back of my head. So, let's just get to the pictures of the new jewelry...

Ok, so this is the new NEW stuff. Pendants. Turquoise, Silver, Lapis, Malachite, Rainbow Moonstone, Bear Grylls like raft of Sterling. Waves of Silver Plated and enameled Copper wire with Rainbow Moonstone, Amethyst, Tourmaline, Carnelian. Did I mention they're pendants?

New word pendants in Silver with lots of different stones... OK: Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Tourmaline, Malachite, Agate. Sterling chains are longer than the other ones I had.

Rose Quartz I found in NC and rough tumbled all wrapped in plated and enameled Copper wire. Chunky and funky but totally not clunky (ok, so I might be losing it...)

Lab grown Emerald Spinel, Sapphire & Ruby Corundum wrapped in Argentium Sterling Silver and 14K Gold Fill wire. Got a little long on me, but I still like 'em... you?

Ok... That's it for this weeks new stuff... unless I make something tomorrow night when I get home...

Have a great weekend and hope to see some of you in Salt Lake or Park City (probably see some of you at both too;)

September 10, 2010

Have Party... Um... Have One!

Hey everybody...

Quick thanks to Terry for throwing a Jewelry Party last night. And to all her friends and family that made it so wonderful to be at!

Terry was partying for charity last night so that meant that her hosting gift was a piece for an upcoming auction and instead of getting 5% of the total sales in free jewelry at the end of the night, she got 10% going to The Sharing Place instead.

Yay, Terry!

This is the gift that's going to auction:

So... if you have a charity you'd like to party for, let me know so we can start making it a success before it even starts!

Oh. Happy Ethiopian New Year and hope there's a lot of feasting and festiveness for the end of Ramadan!

Now, here's the new stuff for the week:
5 new U Rock Rings...

Lavender Rose Quartz and Jasper I found in NC and rough tumbled in Argentium Sterling and two shades of Bronze.

A recent Red Jasper I found literally in my backyard in Bronze and a Blue Aventurine Quartz and Amethyst I found in NC and rough tumbled in Argentium Sterling Silver.

2 new Cameo Pendants...

Resin reproduction cameos in Gold Plated and enameled German Wire.

Plus 2 new, totally new never been made style, found local stone and gemstone bracelets...

A milky Agate with 3 kinds of Opal chips and Carnelian in Brass.

A cool Sandstone Quartz I smoothed out with a Dremel and wrapped in Brass with Baltic Amber, Rose Quartz and Rainbow Moonstone.

And that's what's new for this week.

I'll be at the Downtown Salt Lake Market tomorrow, in the usual place, and then I have to hurry home to clean out the trailer, AKA my studio, so it can be prepared Sunday to be taken away for an Oregon trip on Monday. So... I'll be winging it for making stuff next week and the week after that... But, I'll definitely get some stuff made and pictures up for you to oogle next Friday non-the-less.

Have a great weekend and hope to see some of you tomorrow.

September 3, 2010

A Week of Jewelry in Three Days

So, all of you regular readers, friends and family know:

I moved to Utah this Spring to live with my folks and here I am while Phil is in NJ getting ready to start the rest of the month rehearsing for the world tour that starts on the 28th... AND, he was here visiting last week... AND, I got severe vertigo and nausea mid visit and I'm still getting over the dizzy...

Ok. That established...

I spent Monday on the couch not moving (cause stuff spun when I did), Tuesday catching up on e-mail and making a couple pendants for a custom order, and the last three days making jewelry for this weekend. Ok, actually, I only made two pairs of earrings on Wednesday. I made most of what follows yesterday and today...

Can you say: Making up for lost time?

You tell me:

Non Tarnish Brass Adjustable Rings (made last night at last minute)

Faceted Argentium Silver & 14K Gold Fill with Lab & Natural Sapphires and a Natural Rubilite Tourmaline Rings (all made today)

Orange Catseye and Brass Bracelet (made yesterday)

Red and Cream Rose Fashion Cameo & Brass Bracelet (also made yesterday)

Non Tarnish Copper and Brass Fashion Cameo Pendants (all made yesterday)

Sterling, Gold Fill, Vintage Chain segments and Fashion Cameo earrings (two made Wed, the rest yesterday)

So, there you have it... And, I'm thinking I'll even try to make a few Gemstone Cabachon Pendants tomorrow after the Saturday Market Downtown (that's in Pioneer Park in Salt Lake City for anyone just tuning in. I'm always next to the City Weekly tent on the street side of 400S about midway). I think I might need some more for Sunday at Park Silly... where I'll be back in front of the Banhoff again (that's Y38 on the map. Click on it to enlarge).

Maybe I'll see some of you this weekend and the rest of you had better enjoy the weekend. We're due to have more dangerous wind so... Yay!?

August 28, 2010

Ack Ack Blah!

Ok, I know... you were all waiting for my weekly Friday update and it wasn't there. Well, neither was I. As it were. I've been sick (say like droopy dog in the cartoons). Really. A bit better now, but taking the day off from the Saturday Market in Downtown Salt Lake non-the-less. Since I still have some dizziness and yucky tummy feelings. AKA: nausea.

So. That revealed, I also have no pictures for you. Sorry. I actually made a couple of things on Monday - practice for custom work so I would be all warmed up before I made the custom stuff - and that's it. Two twisted wire rings and a cameo pendant. No pictures.

I will though... have pictures. But... well... I might put them up later today. Depends on how much I get done and how wonky I feel.

Still planning to go to Park Silly tomorrow so still have to get ready for that AND, get to bed REALLY early so I can not feel so horrible while I'm there. That's always good when you're by yourself and feeling kinda, um, crappy.

So. If you're in Park City tomorrow, and want to cheer me up - or bring me some crackers - or buy some jewelry... I'll be down in front of the Banhoff again just up Main Street from 7th.

Hope to see you there!

Oh, and I got my banner back too so: yay!

August 20, 2010

New, New, New, New... Well, A Few New... It's The Friday Update

So, I got some new laser cut beads... some Brass plated in 18K Gold, some Brass plated in Copper, and some Copper "dipped" (plated) in Silver. So, I made some rings (All priced at a mere $10 each):

And... I made some 5mm Natural Peridot rings - one in Argentium Sterling Silver and one in 14K Gold Fill (a little bit more than the other rings price wise, but still a bargain - oh, and they're shown the other way around too fyi):

And I wrapped one of the Moss Agates I found in NC (and tumbled) in Argentium Sterling Silver as well (thinking about putting this - and some other pendants I made - on a necklace of it's own... whatya think?):

Now, I'm getting them all ready for Market and then taking them off to Salt Lake City's infamous Pioneer Park and the very Silly Park City Market this weekend. Usual places (though, I'll be at the bottom of the hill on Main in Park City this week infront of the Banhoff just off 7th), yellow umbrella, new taller tables and no banner... :{

So, hope to see some of you this weekend. Have a great one whether I do or not!