November 25, 2011

Happy? Black Friday...

I know none of you are the type to have camped out early for today's sales... or even to show up at 5am... most of you are probably more likely to have participated in the "Occupy Walmart" movement - or some other such thing.

Though, there probably are a few of you who took advantage of some sales today... maybe just online at least (like I did - for jewelry supplies)...

So... with Black Friday coming to a fast close, and Cyber Monday quick on it's heals; and the brand new Green Tuesday added to the list for good measure; I thought I'd go ahead and offer a little sale of my own... just for the Blog readers:

If you go to my Etsy Store (I'll be adding to it all weekend, fyi) and use the code: BLOG15 at check out, you'll get 15% OFF anything in my Etsy Store. Plus, shipping is FREE. Yay.

So, yah. Anytime you want to shop for my jewelry between now and Tuesday night, or Wednesday morning (whenever I get around to deactivating the code)... you can use it as often as you like. Because... Say, I add something you really want - or want to gift - after you already ordered something... because I want to make sure you're covered. ;]

Adding stuff to the store as I type this... Going to be adding some rings (that haven't been in my Etsy yet) tomorrow... not sure what I'll add on Sunday. You'll just have to keep checking and see what's there.

Oh, and even with the discount, I'm sending 10% of all my sales to NPR & PBS until the end of the year... So you'll be getting a bargain AND making a donation to a public icon at the same time. Yay, again.

Did I mention that you can even use the discount on Gift Certificates? Yep. Give someone a Gift they can choose themselves, and still get it at 15% OFF the value! It'll still be worth the full value, and only you (and I) will know you didn't pay that much for it! ;]

So go ahead and shop til you pop... Not only is it good for the economy... And therapeutic... It is that time of the year; after all.

Happy Shopping Days... ;]

October 20, 2011

Anime Banzai 2011

Just a quicky to let you know that I'll be at the Steampunk Themed Anime Banzai in Layton this weekend. In the Artist Alley, all day and most of the night on Friday, Saturday & Sunday in the Davis Convention Center.

Running around trying to get ready... have to get stuff out of storage and go pick up Phil from the airport...

Lots of new stuff, but no time to show any right now... gotta run... try to post some later from the hotel.

And I'll post where I am in the Alley tomorrow when I find out too... or I'll tweet it... ;]

September 14, 2011

Last Minute Park Silly

Hey Gang,

Was asked to fill in for a fellow PCPAA at Park Silly this weekend (the best to her family!) so I have one more Silly Market Sunday this 18th.

I'll be at the top of the hill next to the info tent... in a tent... and you can come see the new stuff from last week and chat and laugh and eat beer flavored popcorn... well... maybe Mike will have some up at the Farmer's Market (next to the Post Office) - or you can ask him to make you some. I asked for Margarita flavor. He's working on it. ;]

It's the Tour de Suds day as well, so... bikes and beers. And wire sculpted and vintage bead jewelry. AND... um... Sillyness.

See you between 10 am and 5 pm on Sunday!

September 8, 2011

Holladay Harvest Fest This Saturday

Hey everybody... Hope you all had a great long weekend.

Speaking of which, Thanks to everyone who stopped by Park Silly this past Sunday... and I hope to see some of the Salt Lake folks this Saturday evening at the Holladay Harvest Festival (4pm to 8pm) too.

I have two new rings in Gold Fill:

and a necklace I made while I was being the Featured Artist on Sunday:

Plus a lot of other stuff some of you haven't seen yet. And, best of all, I'll get to see some of you (hopefully) who I haven't seen since last year too... Definitely: the best part! ;]

So, if you can make it to the Holladay City Hall for the Harvest Festival this Saturday (the 10th) I'll be in booth space #14... though I'm not sure where that actually is... guess I'll find out when I get there.

So'k. Just look for my yellow umbrella... and me.

August 31, 2011

Featured Artist at Park Silly This Sunday

Is ME!

Yep. That's right. I'm the featured artist (booth is set up next to the Main Stage at the bottom of Main - near the Beer Garden). So...

I'll be making jewelry while I sell it (well, hopefully I'll have some help selling). So, there will be new jewelry (some of which you've seen here in the last few months) and new jewelry being made.

If you want to pick your own (or bring your own) stone and have it wrapped or sculpted; this Sunday is the day to do it.

Hope to see you this Sunday (the 4th) on Main Street in Park City (Utah;)... or you can catch me in space #14 at the Holiday Harvest Festival on September 10th too.

In the meantime, here's the latest thing I made for my (not quite yet) brother inlaw's new business venture: Flying Sprocket Mobile Bicycle Repair Shop

So, I guess, I can call myself a Wire Sculptor now? Well, if I get requests for more themed business card holders... ;]

August 27, 2011

Silly Sunday is Approaching

In fact, it's tomorrow... and I'll be sharing a booth with Janet, who does beautiful jewelry... we'll be at the top of the hill by the entrance, in a white tent, full of jewelry.

You should come see us!

I don't have anything new, but you can see my new stuff at Park City Jewelers... like (please excuse the photo quality - they were snapped with a phone at the end of the day upon finishing) some of these:

I did the original wax for this and did the finishing and chose the stone combinations and attached the petals...

I did the petals...

Did the finishing and the petals on this one...

Did most of the work on this one...

Um, and I made some other stuff for them as well.... All in either white or yellow 14K Gold.... oh, that last one, is the first one I set the stones on myself. Yep; learning to set stones. In fact, I did most of the work on the last one... I think I mentioned that... huzzah. I might actually get to be a real jeweler at some point... ;]

Going to be teaching more beginner jewelry classes at the Kimball this fall too, so keep an eye out for that as well.

Hope to see you tomorrow (or on the 4th;)

August 8, 2011

Class Time

Hey everybody!

I have a class starting this Thursday - still time to get in - and next Monday at the Kimball Art Center in Park City (Utah). If you haven't already signed up, you can sign up for the Necklace/Bracelet Finishing Class Here... and for the Wire Sculpted Jewelry Class Here.

This is the kind of thing I'll teach in the Finishing class:

(even though it says students responsible for own materials, that's really just for the beads - which you can get really quick Here . I'll be providing all the other stuff and you can pay for it at the first class)

And these are the kind of things I'll teach in the Sculpting class:

Hope to see some of you there - either where... ;]

Also... if you want to make a few bucks taking surveys online, this is a good one: I redeem straight to Amazon... that's how I got my yellow Craft Market umbrella and heavy metal umbrella stand last year.

I'll also be sharing a booth at the last Park Silly of August... more on that as it gets closer... I get paid for my opinion. You can too! Check out this video for amazing opportunities to get paid for sharing your opinion. Or, just follow this link to join Opinion Outpost:

July 23, 2011

Is This Some Kind Of...

Is this some kind of rorschach test, a testament to rampant (frivolous) consumerism, or proof children shouldn't drive? You decide:

Childish vanity plate; check

Associated plush toys on the dashboard; check

Color coordinated grill accessory; check

Personally, I would have shoved a yellow rubber ducky in the grill; but I try not to drive while being a jerk.



Mine? What the... really?! Jeez! OMG! Unbelievable... Etc.

Oh, and if you see this car driving around; don't forget to flip them the bird!

July 1, 2011

My First Park Silly of the Year

Hey everybody!

Hope you have a great 4th of July weekend! Hope some of you come see me Sunday on Main Street in Park City for the Park Silly Sunday Market!

Going to be at the Park City Professional Artist Association booth... which is right at the top of lower Main at Heber. Look for me by the Info Booth. I'll be under a tent this time. But you can still find me by my yellow banner - that says: Custom Adornments on it.

Ok. That's all I wanted to tell you today.

Have a great weekend and see some of you on Sunday!

June 21, 2011

Two More Days To Wire Wrapping Class

Hope everyone had a great Father's Day!

The weather has been great around here and, even though some people might not be as happy with it; since it hasn't affected us much this year; I love how full and fast the river is (that I get to cross barely above everyday)... sorry. No picture. I'll try harder next time. ;]

So, just two more days til the start of my first teaching gig at the Kimball Art Center over in Park City. Still room for a couple more students - (no experience needed) - for the Wire Wrapping Class which starts Thursday at 6pm. It runs for 5 weeks and you'll get to learn all the basic basics of wire wrapping that will let you start creating great works of your own personal jewelry art. Well... that's what I think you'll do with your new found skills anyway.

Plus... The materials fee includes everything you need to make all the jewelry in the lessons: a bracelet, necklace, a couple three pairs of earrings, rings, and a pendant. Plus, you'll get your very own travel tool kit (6 mini pliers in a zipper case), bead mat, & some polishing cloth (for straightening and priming your wire). Did I mention Vintage Beads are part of that class stash too? Yep, straight out of my own private stash.

Oh, and if you sign up for the class from my blog, leave a comment here and I'll make sure you get a little extra Vintage something with your materials (though, I'll probably give it to you separately after class so the other students don't get jealous;).

AND, I also wanted to let you guys know that I picked up an extra date for Park Silly. Going to be there on July 3rd (at the PCPAA booth space) and I'll let you know where that'll be when I find out - on Main Street somewhere. I'd guess. ;]

Hope to you see some of you at the Kimball classes and some of you at Park Silly and some of you other places as well.

Oh ya. I knew there was another reason I needed to write to you guys:

Happy Summer Solstice!

June 16, 2011

I'm Teaching Classes!

Hey everybody! I know. Long time no blog.

Still living at home with a broken computer and limited internet/computer access. Though, I do have a simcardless iPhone now. But, it doesn't really work for me with blogger, yet. Hopefully soon - or I finally get my computer fixed - or can afford to get a new one - either way.


Going out of my way to spend my limited computer time letting everyone know that I'll be teaching classes at the
Kimball Art Center starting next Thurs! If enough people sign up that is... think there are 4 or 5 spots left... They do the assessing tomorrow so, if you want to take an ABSOLUTELY Beginner Wire Wrapping Class in Park City (Utah) on Thursday nights for 5 weeks, get online and sign up now! It's absolutely no experience necessary & the materials fee even includes your very own (zipper cased) travel tool kit! So, you can practice at home if you want.

Everyone in the Beginner class will learn to make jewelry similar to this:

With different beads and stones and stuff, of course.

Then, when that class is over, I have a Necklace and Bracelet Finishing Class (2 Thursdays) where you'll learn to make the ends of your jewelry look like this (as well as how to suspend beads with crimps along wire like the bottom necklace shows):


And; the last Summer class I'll be teaching; an Intermediate Beginner Wire Wrapping & Sculpting Class starting in August (4 Mondays)...where you'll learn to make wire jewelry similar to this:

No soldering or glue... you'll learn to hold everything together just by placement and wrapping. I'll be teaching the basic techniques in a way that you can figure out your own designs and style too.

Going to be a lot of fun and just what a lot of you have been asking for. So...

Hope to see some of you "do you teach classes" people at the classes!

April 15, 2011

Come See Me Saturday...

Ok... My Mac is still waiting for the parts to get fixed. Hopefully by the end of the month. IN the meantime, all newsletter communication is suspended, since all my photos are on the Mac and it's virtually impossible for me to upload, edit and add pictures to the newsletter - or the blog for that matter - on public computers. However, I will be sending a newsletter out as soon as I can add pictures again and, I'll also put up pictures of new jewelry here too.

If you can't wait that long to see some of my new jewelry, you can always come by and see me in the parking lot of Broadview University at 240 E. Morris Avenue in Salt Lake from 11am to 2pm tomorrow (Saturday the 16th).

Thanks for being patient and wish me luck getting the computer fixed (cause I can't afford a new one right now;)!

March 17, 2011

Happy Thingy Whatsit Going On

Ok. Here's some quicky updates:

Happy Pat's Day, btw.

Please go to my Etsy Store and buy stuff cause I'm donating 30% of my Etsy Sales to help Japan thru the end of March. Plus, if you buy this necklace and earring Set, 50% of the sale price will go to benefit people in need in Japan.

My computer is not working, so I'm on a public one... Alert for Newsletter people: Can't access my photos, so Newsletter will be late... probably get a Spring issue next month... which means, Blog readers, you will also not be getting any pictures from me until I can get my computer fixed.

Um, was really sick last night and haven't been able to eat today, so not sure if I'll be at the Gallery Stroll at ArtSpace Commons tomorrow. Will try to let you know tomorrow.

Oh, and Phil's in the April issue of Modern Drummer Magazine (page 32)... which went on sale March 1st.

And, that's the updates for now.

February 18, 2011

Gallery Stroll Tonight at Artspace Commons

So, I know it's been a while since I last blogged atcha. Computer issues, black ice problems (right side is still recovering). But, tonight I'll be at the Gallery Stroll in the 400W side of Artspace Commons again this month. With newer stuff that was offered to the Newsletter groups first (as always, and at a lower price). Here are pictures of those things. You can get some of them tonight. 400W at 800S Salt Lake City, 5-9pm. See you there?

This was one of the special Birthday Club offers for new years.

This is another one.

This is the special Valentine's jewelry I made.

This is the Lunar New Year pendant I made.

This is a better look at the miniature water color pin I made last month.

These are the Lucky New Year's earrings.

This is the matching pendant.

Get in touch if you want to get one of these items above, you know, if you can't come tonight.

January 20, 2011

Let's Go For a Stroll

An Art Stroll!

Friday... that's tomorrow... I'll be there from 5pm and it ends at 9pm... Artspace Commons at the corner of 800S and 400W... Art, some crafty vendors... I'll even have jewelry WITH Art on it... well, as part of it:

Miniature Original Watercolor Paintings by Phil... who's previous band (Audio Dyslexia) has a song in the movie Pariah in this years Sundance Festival (which started today. first screening of Pariah at Eccles tonight at 9:30)... Swans gets back on tour in the Southwest and West Coast in a month...

So, if you're downtown in Salt Lake tomorrow evening/night, swing by Artspace Commons and say hi, pick up some Art, some wearable Art, some crafty stuff and stuff.