March 15, 2010

Calico Spring Arts & Crafts is Go!

Well, Georgians... I am coming your way.

Setting up a table or two at the Calico Spring Arts & Crafts Show in Moultrie, GA this Saturday and Sunday (that's the 20th and 21st... also know as the Spring Equinox weekend). Should be sunny and warm and I'll be indoors if it isn't so...

I have a whole new collection debuting. Yep, I finished the U Rock Collection. Here are two more pictures of the Sterling versions:

All of these are in Non Tarnish Sterling Silver. The necklace has Smoky Quartz, Jasper, and Agate. The ring is Blue Aventurine Quartz. The bracelet is different types of Quartz and Jasper. The earrings are different types of Quartz.

These earrings are different types of Quartz, mostly Smoky and there's Citrine too. The pendant is Blue Aventurine Quartz. The necklace is Moss Agate and Bloodstone.

I found all the stones at Hiddenite and put em through the tumbler a couple three times. Stopping off again on the way down to try my luck at some more gems. Hopefully I'll have a lot of good ones to learn to cut on this Summer...

So ya...

I made a bunch of new faceted gemstone rings this last week too, and some more matching Labradorite pendants and earrings in Sterling. Making a few adjustable rings now and will be making some more swirly knot rings too. If I have time, I'll even make a couple more faceted gemstone pendants as well. Getting down to the wire though and I have to leave on Wed... that's in two days... to get there in time. So, not sure how much more new jewelry I'll have with me. So, anyway...

That means I'll be bringing a whole slew of new jewelry down with me.

If you're in the area, you should definitely stop by and say HI! (That would be the Custom Adornments table, don't know where I'll be til I get there though, just know I'll be inside.)
I'm going to bring a few supplies so I can make some stuff on the spot (if there's time). Plus, if come by my table this weekend, and you say you heard about it here, I'll deduct the price of admission from your jewelry purchase (for all sales over $50)!

If you were planning to come by anyway... you can't beat that!

March 9, 2010

Happy Customers Are Happy

Happy Spring - well, there's still a lot of snow on the ground, but it's warmer than 50F outside and the windows are open! Listening to the Mourning Doves cooing outside in the trees and getting ready to head down to Georgia next week for a Spring Equinox weekend craft show.

Before I get into the whats what for the upcoming show (do that in the next blog later this week), I have some pictures and stories to show & tell you today first.



This is Hildreth. She's practices Rosen Bodywork and makes the most adorable teddy bears and elegant aprons. (Right now, you have to contact her directly to get one) She bought the earrings in my Etsy store and then got the necklace a few months later at a home Jewelry Party. I traded a couple massage sessions for half of it...

I just love the combination on her. Don't you? I think we both did pretty well.

This is the finger of Chris. Chris found this stone, had it cut, contacted me on Etsy, sent me the stone (from another country), I made the ring with it and sent it back. I love it when a plan comes together!

Doesn't that look great? That's a 9mm Peridot, and one of the most beautiful ones I have ever seen! Very happy customer. Very happy ring maker!

This is Lisa. Her daughter came to the last Winter Tight Knit in Troy and got this for her mom because, as the story goes - the way it was told to me, her mom's birthday is St. Patrick's Day. Oh, and because she thought her mom would like it and the colors were right for her.

I think it was a great choice. So does Lisa. Yay! Glad Lisa sent me pictures too!

You know, these last few months, I've actually made quite a few custom rings (all but one via the internets only and never meeting) all with very happy customers as the end result. I don't have pictures of those other rings on fingers but; if you just happen to be one of those someones who has some jewelry I made; you are more than welcome to send me pictures for inclusion here (or just so I can see it on you if you're shy).

Of course, I'd like you to feel free to get in touch if you happen to want a custom something or other too. Naturally. Or, if you want to host a Jewelry Party. Or, if you just want to say: Hi! It's all good.

Ok. Gotta get some other stuff done... So...

Thanks today to our three lovely models for letting me use their pictures! And...

If you're in Utah, go get a massage and a teddy bear from Hildreth! If you're - well - anywhere, and could use a little social media marketing and management help, Lisa is the one to e-mail!

Now, go enjoy the day!