May 31, 2014

Artworks Peek

Hello again.

As promised, I'm back. ;) With a picture or two from my case at Artworks Gallery.

Here's one:

I'm doing this on a phone, so can't tell how good this looks. Looks a little reflecty to me. Let's try another one.

Hmmm, that seems kind of blurry; how about this one?

Eh, I give up. You'll just have to come in and see what's in there in person! 

If you want to see me there when you come in, I'll be at Artworks every Sunday 11-6 now until September... And most of them after that until October. Also Fri & Sat from 11-4 on the same timeline.

Hope to see some of you soon and also that you're having a great weekend.

PS. Starting up the Newsletter again too. So, if you aren't on it and want to be, you should sign up. There's a little box to do that right over there on the right side of the page... see it?

May 20, 2014

Two Years Later...

Seriously; it's been exactly two years since I last wrote anything here. Wow.

The accident turned out to be more serious than first expected... and not just my hand. Bulging disk in my neck and permanent pain in my left hip that was never there before plus a constant ache in my mid back that wasn't there prior. The neck especially has caused a lot of dexterity problems including severe physical dyslexia. Sitting and looking down for any length of time is still a problem. 

So, while I've been constantly seeing a spine therapist and chiropractor for the last two years, I've also mostly been avoiding the computer as much as possible... Not making jewelry as much as I'd like... Nor have I participated in any art or craft or anything shows. 


I have recently been working on the wire stuff again and I also started doing a bit of stringing and repair work over at Woodbury Jewelers (on Main Street in Park City next to Crosby's where the Flat Rabbit used to be). As of this year, I also have my wire jewelry for sale at Artworks Gallery (on Main Street in Park City across from the Post Office next to Robert Kelly). Only took me a year and a half working over there at Artworks; and I had to start with jewelry I still had left over. But now you can find me and my wire work there this summer if you're going to be in Park City. I'll be working at Artworks 11-6 on Sundays for the whole Silly Season so, hopefully, I'll see some of you then. 

To be fair, I am not back to where I was before (or want to be) with my wire skills, but I have been able to make a few new things and I am getting better with each new piece I make. As long as I don't work for too long at a time - then it gets worse again. It really has been a matter of relearning everything I could do before the accident. Plus, it takes me much longer than it used to and I have to get up and walk around or do sit ups or anything else a lot more frequently so, I can't get much done each day. It's pretty frustrating. 

On the plus side, since I'm having to relearn everything anyway, I've started teaching myself some new weaving techniques and hope to have a whole new look happening by the end of summer. See how it goes. 

So. That's the update. VERY late. But there you have it. I'll try to keep up with this much more frequently now and even upload a few pictures of the new projects as they get done. I think I'll try to get a picture of my jewelry case at Artworks up for you all to see next week as well. 

Ok. That's the news for now and hopefully there will be pics and more jewelry news soon. Til then...

BTW. I've had to get up and walk around twice now just to write this. I'm going to finish now and get ready to head off to PT and Chiro.