March 17, 2011

Happy Thingy Whatsit Going On

Ok. Here's some quicky updates:

Happy Pat's Day, btw.

Please go to my Etsy Store and buy stuff cause I'm donating 30% of my Etsy Sales to help Japan thru the end of March. Plus, if you buy this necklace and earring Set, 50% of the sale price will go to benefit people in need in Japan.

My computer is not working, so I'm on a public one... Alert for Newsletter people: Can't access my photos, so Newsletter will be late... probably get a Spring issue next month... which means, Blog readers, you will also not be getting any pictures from me until I can get my computer fixed.

Um, was really sick last night and haven't been able to eat today, so not sure if I'll be at the Gallery Stroll at ArtSpace Commons tomorrow. Will try to let you know tomorrow.

Oh, and Phil's in the April issue of Modern Drummer Magazine (page 32)... which went on sale March 1st.

And, that's the updates for now.