October 20, 2008

Come See Me in Stormville!

Well, I've been a little blog quiet lately, I know. Been getting ready for the upcoming shows 1st thing next month and in December and apparently, according to Phil, I've turned into something of a one woman sweat shop. 

So much to make and do to get ready and so little "free" time to do it in. 

Which is to say, this is as long as this entry will get. I'll definitely add another entry with a couple pics thrown in of the event right afterward but, then I have to make more stuff for December's outing. So thanks for checking in and I'll do my best to get more than one entry in a month in the near future. 

Thanks for caring and, of course, let  me finish by saying:  If you happen to be in the Hudson Valley on the 2nd of November, I'd love it if you'd stroll into the New Merchandise section of the Stormville Airport Flea Market and see what I've been toiling over. Who knows, maybe you can pick up a gift or two?