November 11, 2010

Calico Holiday Weekend in Moultrie Time!

Once again, I am in Georgia to go back to Spence Field in Moultrie for another Calico Arts & Crafts event. This time it's the Holiday Show and I'm bringing two bags full... that might be a mixed analogy but um, I'm too tired and hungry to know for sure.

Ok. Before I show you what I made this week for the show this weekend, let me show you what I made from things I found.

This is like the prototype for a Momento necklace. The center stone was given to me on Brighton Beach (yes, the original one in England) by the bass player on the Swans tour (Chris). The bead is actually a piece of Merscham pipe that was broken up along the bank of the Thames in front of the Naval Academy in Greenwich, the stone is a Moss Agate I found in Hiddenite, and the Malachite is because I like it.

Now, here's the new stuff (plus a pendant I finished when it was too dark to take a picture of, so I'll add that tomorrow - and delete this;)

This I made last week and put in the Newsletter first. Now it's going to Calico. 14K Gold Fill and a 6mm Natural Citrine (November birthstone).

14K Yellow Gold Fill with 14K Rose Gold Fill wire & Copper Petal bead caps. Oh, and Labradorite, Turquoise, and 1940's Venetian beads.

Pretty much the same as above, only with Lapis instead of Turquoise.

These are in Sterling Silver with 1950 vintage Japanese Silver Foil beads and Rainbow Flourite.

Sterling again with 1940's Venetians, Amethyst and Lapis.

1940's Japanese Aventurine Butterfly beads with 14K Gold Fill (Rose Gold Fill wire) & Carnelian.

Also 1940's Venetians in Sterling with Amethyst - and Charoite and Emeralds.

These are in fully tarnishing Copper wire and 1970's vintage glass beads. Only had enough to make one necklace or two bracelets. I did, um, two bracelets.

This is Argentium Sterling Silver and a 16x12mm Lab Blue (Corundum) Zircon pendant that was just made yesterday.

And that's what I'm bringing with me that's new. Plus a lot of other things on things also on view in this blog. Plus a lot of stuff you will only see if you come to the show.

[If you're in the area, and you plan to come to the Calico Holiday Arts & Crafts Show this weekend (Sat 9am-5pm & Sun 10am-4pm), then let me know you read this blog when you buy my jewelry and I will give you $5 off (your entry fee back) when you buy jewelry worth $50 or more.]

See some of you this weekend.

November 5, 2010

New Jewelry for Peachtree Jewelry Expo

Ok. So... UK was fun... and emotional... and exhausting. Had a great time!

Got back Sunday night and caught up with stuff for two days (like sleep) and have spent the last three days making stuff. Yes, I am in Georgia. I brought a LOT of stuff with me to make jewelry. I didn't really make that much since Wed., but here's what I have for tomorrow:

(alert: I had to shoot this under indoor lights, so they aren't my best shots...)

NC stones I found and rough tumbled and some porcelain and shell cameos in Gold Fill and Argentium Sterling Silver...

Osmena (Mabe) pearls in Gold Fill and Argentium SS...

and Sky Blue Topaz and Citrine rings in Gold Fill and Argentium SS... that's the new stuff.

So, you can see that and some of the stuff from earlier blogs AND some stuff I've had tucked away for a while (like really nice pearl sets with 1930's Rhodium and Rhinestone spacers) in person tomorrow. Though, you can only do that if you're in the area near Peachtree City (or already drove up for tomorrow's big jewelry event).

It's happening tomorrow (Saturday the 6th of Nov) from 10am to 6pm at the Kedron Fieldhouse & Aquatic Center (in the Gym) located at 202 Kedron Drive in Peachtree City. I'll be in space E2 (which should be right there in front of the bleachers as you enter the Gymnasium). The Peachtree City Jewelry & Accessory Expo is the talk of the whole area; I'll tell you. Everybody who's anybody is planning to come.

Which means... I expect to see you there tomorrow too!

Ok. Not if you don't live around here... but you know what I meant... ;}

Did I mention that I'm giving away rings?! Well, metal bead rings are still $10 each UNLESS, you spend $50 or more. Then you get to choose a ring for FREE! How about that?

Be putting up more pictures next Thurs. night since I'll be driving down to Moultrie on Friday for the Calico Arts & Crafts show. Hope to have a lot more new stuff for that one too.

See you next week!