June 21, 2011

Two More Days To Wire Wrapping Class

Hope everyone had a great Father's Day!

The weather has been great around here and, even though some people might not be as happy with it; since it hasn't affected us much this year; I love how full and fast the river is (that I get to cross barely above everyday)... sorry. No picture. I'll try harder next time. ;]

So, just two more days til the start of my first teaching gig at the Kimball Art Center over in Park City. Still room for a couple more students - (no experience needed) - for the Wire Wrapping Class which starts Thursday at 6pm. It runs for 5 weeks and you'll get to learn all the basic basics of wire wrapping that will let you start creating great works of your own personal jewelry art. Well... that's what I think you'll do with your new found skills anyway.

Plus... The materials fee includes everything you need to make all the jewelry in the lessons: a bracelet, necklace, a couple three pairs of earrings, rings, and a pendant. Plus, you'll get your very own travel tool kit (6 mini pliers in a zipper case), bead mat, & some polishing cloth (for straightening and priming your wire). Did I mention Vintage Beads are part of that class stash too? Yep, straight out of my own private stash.

Oh, and if you sign up for the class from my blog, leave a comment here and I'll make sure you get a little extra Vintage something with your materials (though, I'll probably give it to you separately after class so the other students don't get jealous;).

AND, I also wanted to let you guys know that I picked up an extra date for Park Silly. Going to be there on July 3rd (at the PCPAA booth space) and I'll let you know where that'll be when I find out - on Main Street somewhere. I'd guess. ;]

Hope to you see some of you at the Kimball classes and some of you at Park Silly and some of you other places as well.

Oh ya. I knew there was another reason I needed to write to you guys:

Happy Summer Solstice!

June 16, 2011

I'm Teaching Classes!

Hey everybody! I know. Long time no blog.

Still living at home with a broken computer and limited internet/computer access. Though, I do have a simcardless iPhone now. But, it doesn't really work for me with blogger, yet. Hopefully soon - or I finally get my computer fixed - or can afford to get a new one - either way.


Going out of my way to spend my limited computer time letting everyone know that I'll be teaching classes at the
Kimball Art Center starting next Thurs! If enough people sign up that is... think there are 4 or 5 spots left... They do the assessing tomorrow so, if you want to take an ABSOLUTELY Beginner Wire Wrapping Class in Park City (Utah) on Thursday nights for 5 weeks, get online and sign up now! It's absolutely no experience necessary & the materials fee even includes your very own (zipper cased) travel tool kit! So, you can practice at home if you want.

Everyone in the Beginner class will learn to make jewelry similar to this:

With different beads and stones and stuff, of course.

Then, when that class is over, I have a Necklace and Bracelet Finishing Class (2 Thursdays) where you'll learn to make the ends of your jewelry look like this (as well as how to suspend beads with crimps along wire like the bottom necklace shows):


And; the last Summer class I'll be teaching; an Intermediate Beginner Wire Wrapping & Sculpting Class starting in August (4 Mondays)...where you'll learn to make wire jewelry similar to this:

No soldering or glue... you'll learn to hold everything together just by placement and wrapping. I'll be teaching the basic techniques in a way that you can figure out your own designs and style too.

Going to be a lot of fun and just what a lot of you have been asking for. So...

Hope to see some of you "do you teach classes" people at the classes!