November 25, 2011

Happy? Black Friday...

I know none of you are the type to have camped out early for today's sales... or even to show up at 5am... most of you are probably more likely to have participated in the "Occupy Walmart" movement - or some other such thing.

Though, there probably are a few of you who took advantage of some sales today... maybe just online at least (like I did - for jewelry supplies)...

So... with Black Friday coming to a fast close, and Cyber Monday quick on it's heals; and the brand new Green Tuesday added to the list for good measure; I thought I'd go ahead and offer a little sale of my own... just for the Blog readers:

If you go to my Etsy Store (I'll be adding to it all weekend, fyi) and use the code: BLOG15 at check out, you'll get 15% OFF anything in my Etsy Store. Plus, shipping is FREE. Yay.

So, yah. Anytime you want to shop for my jewelry between now and Tuesday night, or Wednesday morning (whenever I get around to deactivating the code)... you can use it as often as you like. Because... Say, I add something you really want - or want to gift - after you already ordered something... because I want to make sure you're covered. ;]

Adding stuff to the store as I type this... Going to be adding some rings (that haven't been in my Etsy yet) tomorrow... not sure what I'll add on Sunday. You'll just have to keep checking and see what's there.

Oh, and even with the discount, I'm sending 10% of all my sales to NPR & PBS until the end of the year... So you'll be getting a bargain AND making a donation to a public icon at the same time. Yay, again.

Did I mention that you can even use the discount on Gift Certificates? Yep. Give someone a Gift they can choose themselves, and still get it at 15% OFF the value! It'll still be worth the full value, and only you (and I) will know you didn't pay that much for it! ;]

So go ahead and shop til you pop... Not only is it good for the economy... And therapeutic... It is that time of the year; after all.

Happy Shopping Days... ;]