August 28, 2010

Ack Ack Blah!

Ok, I know... you were all waiting for my weekly Friday update and it wasn't there. Well, neither was I. As it were. I've been sick (say like droopy dog in the cartoons). Really. A bit better now, but taking the day off from the Saturday Market in Downtown Salt Lake non-the-less. Since I still have some dizziness and yucky tummy feelings. AKA: nausea.

So. That revealed, I also have no pictures for you. Sorry. I actually made a couple of things on Monday - practice for custom work so I would be all warmed up before I made the custom stuff - and that's it. Two twisted wire rings and a cameo pendant. No pictures.

I will though... have pictures. But... well... I might put them up later today. Depends on how much I get done and how wonky I feel.

Still planning to go to Park Silly tomorrow so still have to get ready for that AND, get to bed REALLY early so I can not feel so horrible while I'm there. That's always good when you're by yourself and feeling kinda, um, crappy.

So. If you're in Park City tomorrow, and want to cheer me up - or bring me some crackers - or buy some jewelry... I'll be down in front of the Banhoff again just up Main Street from 7th.

Hope to see you there!

Oh, and I got my banner back too so: yay!

August 20, 2010

New, New, New, New... Well, A Few New... It's The Friday Update

So, I got some new laser cut beads... some Brass plated in 18K Gold, some Brass plated in Copper, and some Copper "dipped" (plated) in Silver. So, I made some rings (All priced at a mere $10 each):

And... I made some 5mm Natural Peridot rings - one in Argentium Sterling Silver and one in 14K Gold Fill (a little bit more than the other rings price wise, but still a bargain - oh, and they're shown the other way around too fyi):

And I wrapped one of the Moss Agates I found in NC (and tumbled) in Argentium Sterling Silver as well (thinking about putting this - and some other pendants I made - on a necklace of it's own... whatya think?):

Now, I'm getting them all ready for Market and then taking them off to Salt Lake City's infamous Pioneer Park and the very Silly Park City Market this weekend. Usual places (though, I'll be at the bottom of the hill on Main in Park City this week infront of the Banhoff just off 7th), yellow umbrella, new taller tables and no banner... :{

So, hope to see some of you this weekend. Have a great one whether I do or not!

August 17, 2010

Does Anyone Know Where My Banner Is?

Well, Craft Lake City was fun... Met a lot of great people and the bands were all really good and I got to hang out with my cousin... but... When I was putting everything away and heading home; It was dark and I was tired and hadn't really eaten that much... and I forgot to take my banner down off the tent (the tents were provided).

The venue didn't have it and the organizers don't have it and I was hoping that one of my neighbors grabbed it for me before they left... but no one's come forward yet.

Would really like to have it back by this weekend for the Markets on Saturday and Sunday... don't have time to find fabric, buy paint, print and cut out lettering, and make a new one before then... So... has anyone seen this Banner:

(This is the City Weekly shot of my Craft Lake City booth. I was elsewhere when they stopped by; that's my cousin)

That was how it was hanging in the tent when I left it. I know... I feel terrible about leaving it there... Here's a better picture of it:

(Pic from another show earlier this year)

Anyway, if anyone can help me get my banner back, I would really appreciate it!

Thanks and see you Friday with pics of the new stuff too!

August 13, 2010

Craft Lake City is Tomorrow... & I Have New Jewelry...

Hey Ya'll! It's Friday and you all know what THAT means! Yep, I have to get up at an ungodly hour to get my butt off to a show... No! Tomorrow I get to wake up at a normal time and get there at 11am! Yay!

Craft Lake City starts at 2pm! Yay! And goes until we can't see what we're doing (that would be 9pm).

I'm bringing a lot of jewelry. Gonna have two tables set up... like a real craft show set up tomorrow! Stuff I wouldn't normally bring to the Market in Pioneer Park AND, of course, all the new stuff you see here:

Notice how I didn't put in what it all is? Well, that's because I don't have time. Gotta get everything packed up and ready to go and it's already 6pm! AHHHH!

Oh, and tomorrow, I will also have an extra table set up so I can make rings and pendants RIGHT THERE. On the Spot! Yep. While you wait like! Yes, I have enlisted help for tomorrow. So, I will be making whatever I can while I can still see what I'm doing (probably till about 7pm).

Get there early if you want me to make you a ring or pendant while you stare at me... or go off and look at other great crafty things and come back... whichever works better at the time...

Won't know what spot I'll be in til I get there but, I'm loading in on the 200 S side of the Gallivan Center (between Main and State) so, I assume I'll be somewhere near that entrance. Under a tent, with my sign hanging behind me (unless the wind is whipping and then it'll be hanging on a table...).

Look forward to seeing a lot you there and have a great weekend everyone else!

PS, If you like any of the jewelry you see on my blog and you can't make it to a show - and it's not listed in my stores - just get in touch and I can ship it to you if it hasn't sold (or make you a similar one if possible)

August 6, 2010

This Week in Faceted Gemstones...

Hey everybody! How's by you? Good week? Hot week? A week?

I made some stuff this week. Gonna take it with me tomorrow to the Downtown Salt Lake Arts & Crafts Market... that's it this week. Um... 8am to 1pm along 400 S next to City Weekly tent about the middle of the block... Er...

Wanna see the new stuff?

Ok, lets start here:

This is a big Lab Ruby in 14K GF... and This is a little Emerald Spinel in Argentium Sterling Silver...

This is a CZ in Argentium Sterling Silver...

This is a Lab Pink Sapphire in 14K Gold Fill... and This is a Lab Alexandrite in Argentium Sterling Silver...

This is a CZ Emerald in Argentium Sterling Silver with Copper and 14K Gold Fill wire vines... and This is a Lab Ruby in 14K Gold Fill with Copper and Argentium Sterling Silver vines...

This is a huge CZ Emerald in Non Tarnish Silver Plated Copper... and This is a not quite as big CZ Pink Tourmaline in Non Tarnigh Gold Plated Copper...

This is two Natural, 4mm, Gemstones (Blue Sapphire and Pink Tourmaline) sculpted in 14K Gold Fill...

This is a Natural Peridot and a Lab Spinel Sapphire in Argentium Sterling Silver - both 4mm...

And that's all the new stuff for this week. Whatya think? See you tomorrow? You can try me next Saturday at Craft Lake City if I don't... Not sure what'll have left but...

Have a great weekend!