October 20, 2010

The Road More Traveled

So... I'm on my way to GA. Day one - the longest drive - is behind me and it's all still long ways each of the next, but not as and more winding... Plus they lead to friends at the end of the day ;}

Then... I get a day of rest and visitation and then a nice Red Eye to London... Yay! More friends (long time haven't seen them) and catch up with Swans for 4 dates of the UK tour. Really looking forward to that! I'd see every show Phil ever played - if I could.

Back on Halloween (I'll be wearing the mask of exhaustion) and then make, make make to get ready for the Peachtree City Jewelry Expo on the 6th and the Calico Arts & Crafts (Moultrie) on the 13th & 14th.

THEN, I get to jet up to PA (Macungie and Philly) for a couple of Jewelry Parties and then up to Minneapolis to visit my Dad; THEN back to Utah for more Jewelry Parties and another weekly Market. New one indoors on State Street.

Well. That last one is still tentative...

Anyway. I still have room for more Jewelry Parties on the way back. So... if you're on the way to Minnesota from Philly (Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, or Minnesota anyone?), drop me a line and get yourself penciled in for November 21st or 22nd (depending on how far you are from Philly/close you are to Minneapolis) or 23rd or 24th if you're on the way from Minnesota to Utah (Minnesota, Iowa, South Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming, Far Northern Colorado).

So, if any of those places/dates describes you... and you want a nice little custom made hosting gift and a percentage of the party's earnings in free jewelry and a discount on everything else you want - like gifts for other people maybe - either leave me a message here, OR e-mail me.

I'll post again when I get back from London and just before Peachtree with some pictures for you to drool over (or come get, depending on your position in the states and inclination as a drooler;).

Have a great Halloween and see you here in November... if I don't see you somewheres else...

October 15, 2010

New Jewelry for the Last Downtown Market

Well, I have a sale going on in my Etsy store until Wed (the prices shown are already reduced)... I'm heading off to GA (and then the UK and then back GA) on Monday... Tomorrow is the last Downtown Salt Lake Arts & Crafts Market of the season AND, I have a Jewelry Party tomorrow night too... I've been a leetle crazy busy this week.

So... Sorry for getting these up so late today:

Couple new Cameo Pendants

Natural Peridot, Rubilite Tourmaline, and Andalucite GF Pendants

Natural Amethyst, Rubilite Tourmaline, Andalucite, and a big lab Sapphire Sculpted Argentium Sterling Silver Pendants

Stones I found myself and tumbled: Rose Quartz from NC, and Agates from Utah (and a faceted stone I didn't find which is also the next picture)

A Natural Oro Verde Citrine in Argentium Sterling Silver - you really can't tell how lovely this stone is in the this photo either...

Ok. Got at least another hour of getting ready for tomorrow to do (got to get up at 5am and I'm going straight to the party after the Market so I have to bring clothes to change into and everything I need for the entire day).

Hopefully I'll see some of you tomorrow - either at the Market (8am to 1pm) in the usual place - or maybe at the party after.

Have a great weekend and I'll talk to you next week on my trip out East.

October 8, 2010

This Friday, I Have New Stuff to Show

Ok. Last Friday I had nothing to show because I was away all week and made nothing new.

Where was I? Incase you forgot; I was out watching Phil beat the hell outta some drums on stage with the Swans first couple nights of the new tour. Yes. It was amazing and I wanted to travel with them longer but...

I came back and then had bad internet connections and nowhere to work until Wed... But, I did get roasted on Saturday at the Downtown Market (cause it was like 90F) and went to a really nice birthday party Sunday and then it rained a lot all week. This morning, the humidity was 80%. Kinda like Oregon in the high mountain desert of Utah... Though, it was a bit too cold to start wire wrapping in the mornings so, I did only have a few hours of solid non-arthritis bothered wrapping each day this week. Yep. I am whining a little bit...

Finally supposed to be a clear, warmer, day tomorrow though. Just in time for the second to last Downtown Salt Lake Arts and Crafts Market in Pioneer Park. Where I will be from 8am to 1pm on the street side of 400 S next to the City Weekly tent. Like usual.

Didn't get to make a lot of new stuff since I spent most of my jewelry making time working on custom orders this week but, I did make these:

And a couple of these:

[These got made because I had a special request for a simple more square know like ring. Obviously, one of these didn't quite fit the bill, but the other one came out ok. However, it was too big so it goes out into the general ring box now...]

Next week is the last Saturday to come out to the Pioneer Park Market for the season, and I will have a lot more new stuff next week... then I'm taking it all to Jewelry Parties and a couple Craft Shows in GA; with a brief flyover to catch up with Phil on the tour again. I love being a groupie!

See you tomorrow... or next Saturday... or at a Jewelry Party... or in Georgia.