January 20, 2011

Let's Go For a Stroll

An Art Stroll!

Friday... that's tomorrow... I'll be there from 5pm and it ends at 9pm... Artspace Commons at the corner of 800S and 400W... Art, some crafty vendors... I'll even have jewelry WITH Art on it... well, as part of it:

Miniature Original Watercolor Paintings by Phil... who's previous band (Audio Dyslexia) has a song in the movie Pariah in this years Sundance Festival (which started today. first screening of Pariah at Eccles tonight at 9:30)... Swans gets back on tour in the Southwest and West Coast in a month...

So, if you're downtown in Salt Lake tomorrow evening/night, swing by Artspace Commons and say hi, pick up some Art, some wearable Art, some crafty stuff and stuff.