July 3, 2014



Happy day we celebrate the birth of the country by shooting fire into the sky. 


Been working on some new stuff... jewelry wise. Thought I would show you two of them. Here they are:

Making these twisty, woven metal bracelets. Got your choice of Brass or Silver Fill over at the Artworks. If you want one in Argentium or Gold Fill (Or even in actual Gold), you can always shoot me an e-mail with the size you need and etc. 

Also started doing some coiled rings. Just finished this one:

It has a huge Citrine bead in between Copper petals and coiled in Rose Gold Plated wire (over Brass wire). There is only one. Though, there was another with a Flourite bead. That one sold already (so no point showing it to you, unless you ask;). 

So, there's a couple new things. If you have some ideas you'd like to have me try out for you, give me a shout and I'll let you know if I can work it on out. 

In the meantime... Thirdly:

Enjoy the holiday weekend and maybe I'll see some of you at Artworks this Sunday during the Park Silly Market

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